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Celebrity Deaths

Updates posted every Monday.  From our friends at Dead or Alive Data Base.

 Wednesday, 11 March

  Ted Cox, major leaguer (Cleveland Indians), cause not reported, 65.

  Ken King, hockey executive (Calgrary Flames), of cancer, 68.

  Jarrod Patterson, major leaguer (Detroit Tigers), in an automobile accident, 46.

  Del Shofner, NFL football player (Los Angeles Rams), 85. 

Monday, 9 March

  Lorenzo Brino, actor (Sam Camden on "7th Heaven"), of injuries from an automobile accident, 21.

Sunday, 8 March

  David Rogers, auto racer (NASCAR), of lymphatic cancer, 64.

  Max von Sydow, actor (The Exorcist), 90.

Saturday, 7 March

  Mart Crowley, playwright (The Boys in the Band), following open heart surgery, 84.

  Laura Smith, folk singer-songwriter ("Shade of Your Love"), of cancer, 67.

Thursday, 5 March

  Jeff Taylor, NBA basketball player (Houston Rockets), cause not reported, 60.

Friday, 6 March

  David Paul, bodybuilder (The Barbarians), cause not reported, 62. He was the brother of bodybuilder Peter Paul.

  Henri Richard, NHL hockey player (Montreal Canadiens), 84. He was the younger brother of NHL player Maurice Richard.

  Danny Tidwell, dancer/reality TV contestant ("So You Think You Can Dance"), of injuries from an automobile accident, 35.

  McCoy Tyner, jazz pianist, 81.

Thursday, 5 March

  Rip Oliver, pro wrestler (Pacific Northwest Wrestling), of heart failure, 67.

  Don Pavletich, major leaguer (Cincinnati Redlegs), 81.

Wednesday, 4 March

  Amo Houghton, U.S. Congressman (R-NY, 1987-2005), 93.

  Barbara Martin, pop singer (The Supremes), cause not reported, 76.

  Frank McLaughlin, comic book artist (Judomaster), 84.

  Javier Perez de Cuellar, U.N. Secretary-General (1982-91), 100.

Tuesday, 3 March

  Barbara "Bobbie" Battista, TV newscaster (CNN), of cervical cancer, 67.

  Roscoe Born, actor (Mitch Laurence on "One Life to Live"), cause not reported, 69.

  Wendell Goler, TV news correspondent (Fox News Channel), of kidney failure, 71.

Monday, 2 March

  James Lipton, celebrity interviewer, age 93.

Sunday, 1 March

  Jack Welch, business executive (General Electric), of kidney failure, 84. 


Friday, 28 February

  Johnny Antonelli, major leaguer (New York Giants), 89.

  Joe Coulombe, grocer (Trader Joe's), 89.

  Freeman Dyson, physicist, of injuries from a fall, 96.

Wednesday, 26 February

  Betsy Byars, children's author (Summer of the Swans), 91.

Tuesday, 25 February

  Lee Phillip Bell, TV producer ("The Young and the Restless"), 91.

  Nesby Glasgow, NFL football player (Indianapolis Colts), of stomach cancer, 62.

  Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian president (1981-2011), of an illness, 91.

  David Roback, rock guitarist (Mazzy Star), cause not reported, 61.

Monday, 24 February

  Diana Serra Cary, aka Baby Peggy, actress (The Darling of New York), 101.

  Ben Cooper, actor (Johnny Guitar), 86.

  Clive Cussler, novelist (Valhalla Rising), 88.

  Katherine Johnson, mathematician (NASA, portrayed in the film Hidden Figures), 101.

Sunday, 23 February

  Ramon Conde, major leaguer (Chicago White Sox), 85.

Saturday, 22 February

  "Mad" Mike Hughes, daredevil, in a crash landing of a homemade rocket, 64.

  B. Smith, r.n. Barbara Smith, restaurateur and TV host ("B. Smith With Style"), of Alzheimer's disease, 70.

Friday, 21 February

  Phil Maloney, NHL hockey player (Boston Bruins), 92.

Wednesday, 19 February

  Pete Babando, NHL hockey player (Chicago Black Hawks), 94.

  Bashar Jackson, aka Pop Smoke, rapper ("Welcome to the Party"), shot (homicide), 20.

  Sy Sperling, hair restoration executive and TV pitchman (Hair Club), cause not reported, 78.

Monday, 17 February

  Ja'net DuBois, actress (Willona Woods on "Good Times"), of natural causes, 81 or 87. NOTE: Many sources report her age as 74. 

  Lindsey Lagestee, country singer (Dixie Crush), of injuries from an automobile accident, 25.

  Charles Portis, author ("True Grit"), with Alzheimer's disease, 86.

  Mickey Wright, pro golfer, of a heart attack, 85.

Sunday, 16 February

  Jason Davis, actor (Mikey Blumberg on "Recess"), cause not reported, 35.

  Kellye Nakahara, actress (Nurse Kellye on "M*A*S*H"), of cancer, 72.

  Larry Tesler, computer user interface designer (Xerox), cause not reported, 74.

Saturday, 15 February

  Nikita Waligwa, actress (Queen of Katwe), of brain cancer, 15.

Thursday, 6 February

  Lynn Evans, pop singer (The Chordettes), 95.

Sunday, 9 February

  Paula Kelly, actress (Ginger Jones on "Santa Barbara"), cause not reported, 76.

Monday, 10 February

  Lyle Mays, jazz keyboardist (Pat Metheny Group), of an illness, 66.

Wednesday, 12 February

  Christie Blatchford, journalist (Toronto, Ontario), of lung cancer, 68.

  Paul English, country music drummer (Willie Nelson), of pneumonia, 87.

Friday, 14 February

  Lynn Cohen, actress (Magda on "Sex and the City"), 86.

  Daniel Lee Martin, country singer ("Then It Hits You"), of suicide by gunshot, 54. He was facing imminent arrest for sex abuse charges.

  Clayton Williams, oilman and Texas political figure, 88.

Saturday, 15 February

  Tony Fernandez, major leaguer (Toronto Blue Jays), of kidney disease, 57.

Saturday, 8 February

  Robert Conrad, actor (James T. West on "The Wild Wild West"), of heart failure, 84.

  Victor Gorelick, comic book editor (Archie Comics), cause not reported, 78.

  Larry Popein, NHL hockey player (New York Rangers), 89.

Friday, 7 February

  Orson Bean, actor (Loren Bray on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"), struck by traffic as a pedestrian, 91.

  Angel Echevarria, major leaguer (Colorado Rockies), of injuries from a fall while ill, 48.

  Brian Glennie, NHL hockey player (Toronto Maple Leafs), after a long illness, 73.

Thursday, 6 February

  Dick Atha, NBA basketball player (New York Knicks), 88.

  Roger Kahn, author (The Boys of Summer), 92.

Wednesday, 5 February

  Kevin Conway, actor (Gettysburg), of a heart attack, 77.

  Ian Cushenan, NHL hockey player (Montreal Canadiens), 86.

  Kirk Douglas, actor (Spartacus), 103.

Tuesday, 4 February

  Gil Coan, major leaguer (Washington Senators), 97.

Monday, 3 February

  Gene Reynolds, TV producer ("M*A*S*H"), of heart failure, 96.

  Willie Wood, NFL football player (Green Bay Packers), with dementia, 83.

Sunday, 2 February

  Bernard Ebbers, telecom executive (WorldCom) and securities fraudster, after a long illness, 78.

  Gale Schisler, U.S. Congressman (D-IL, 1965-67), 86.

Friday, 31 January

  Alexander Brunett, Roman Catholic archbishop (Seattle, Washington), 86.

  Mary Higgins Clark, suspense author (A Stranger is Watching), of natural causes, 92.

Thursday, 30 January

  John Andretti, auto racer (NASCAR), of colon cancer, 56. He was a nephew of auto racer Mario Andretti.

  Fred Silverman, TV executive (CBS, ABC, and NBC), of cancer, 82.

Wednesday, 29 January

  Larry Eisenhauer, NFL football player (Boston Patriots), cause not reported, 79.

Tuesday, 28 January

  Chris Doleman, NFL football player (Minnesota Vikings), of brain cancer, 58.

  Marj Dusay, actress (Alexandra Spaulding on "Guiding Light"), 83.

  Harry Harrison, radio broadcaster (New York City), 89.

Monday, 27 January

  Ramon Aviles, major leaguer (Philadelphia Phillies), cause not reported, 68.

  Allen Brown, NFL football player (Green Bay Packers), cause not reported, 76.

  Jack Burns, comedian/actor (Burns & Schreiber), of respiratory failure, 86.

  Jason Polan,cartoonist, of cancer, 37.

  Johnny Ray, auto racer (NASCAR), 82.

Sunday, 26 January

  Kobe Bryant, NBA basketball player (Los Angeles Lakers), helicopter crash, 41. Eight other people, including one of Bryant's daughters, were also killed.

  Bob Shane, folk singer (The Kingston Trio), of complications from pneumonia, 85.

Saturday, 18 January

  Robert Sampson, actor (Re-Animator), 86.

Friday, 24 January

  Marsha Kramer, actress (Margaret on "Modern Family"), cause not reported, 74.

  Pete Stark, U.S. Congressman (D-CA, 1973-2013), 88.

  Christopher Wilson, aka Justice Pain, pro wrestler (Combat Zone Wrestling), cause not reported, 41.

Wednesday, 22 January

  Ruben Cruz, aka Hercules Ayala, pro wrestler, cause not reported, 69.

  John Karlen, actor (Harvey Lacey on "Cagney & Lacey"), of heart failure, 86.

Tuesday, 21 January

  Terry Jones, comic actor ("Monty Python's Flying Circus"), with dementia, 77.

Monday, 20 January 

  Jay Hankins, major leaguer (Philadelphia Athletics), 84.

  Tom Railsback, U.S. Congressman (R-IL, 1967-83), 87.

Sunday, 19 January

  John Gibson, NHL hockey player (Toronto Maple Leafs), cause not reported, 60.

  Gene London, children's TV host (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), 88.

  Robert Parker, R&B singer ("Barefootin'"), 89.

  Danny Talbot, NFL football player (Washington Redskins), of cancer, 75.

Saturday, 18 January

  Steve Gillespie, aka Dr. Hannibal, pro wrestler, cause not reported, 56.

  David Olney, singer-songwriter, of a heart attack (while performing), 71.

  Jack Van Impe, televangelist ("Jack Van Impe Presents"), 89.

  Bubby Jones, auto racer (USAC), cause not reported, 78.

Friday, 17 January

  Derek Fowlds, actor (British), of natural causes, 82.

Thursday, 16 January

  Harry G.Haskell, U.S. Congressman (R-DE, 1957-59), 98.

Wednesday, 15 January

  Chris Darrow, country rock musician (The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), cause not reported, 75.

  Frank De Rosa Sr., car customizer, 92.

  Rocky Johnson, pro wrestler, cause not reported, 75. He was the father of wrestler/actor Dwayne Johnson.

Tuesday, 14 January

  Steve Martin Caro, aka Steve Martin, pop musician (The Left Banke), of heart disease, 71.

  Carl McNulty, NBA basketball player (Milwaukee Hawks), 89.

Sunday, 12 January

  Roger Scruton, political philosopher (How to Be a Conservative), of cancer, 75.

Saturday, 11 January

  Norma Michaels, actress (Josephine on "The King of Queens"), 95.

Friday, 10 January

  Ed Sprague Sr., major leaguer (Milwaukee Brewers), cause not reported, 74. He was the father of major leaguer Ed Sprague Jr.

Thursday, 9 January

  Bobby Comstock, rock and roll singer (Bobby Comstock and the Counts), cause not reported, 78.

  Pete Dye, golf course designer, 94.

  Ivan Passer, film director (Stalin), 86.

  Mike Resnick, science-fiction author ("Travels With My Cats"), of cancer, 77.

  Hal Smith, major leaguer (Kansas City Athletics), 89.

Wednesday, 8 January

  Edd Byrnes, actor (Kookie on "77 Sunset Strip"), of natural causes, 87.

  Buck Henry, screenwriter ("Get Smart"), of a heart attack, 89.

Tuesday, 7 January

  Silvio Horta, TV writer and producer ("Ugly Betty"), of suicide by gunshot, 45.

  Neil Peart, rock drummer (Rush), of brain cancer, 67.

  George Perles, NFL football player (Pittsburgh Steelers), of Parkinson's disease, 85.

  Elizabeth Wurtzel, author (Prozac Nation), of meningeal metastasized breast cancer, 52.

Monday, 6 January

  Mike Fitzpatrick, U.S. Congressman (R-PA, 2005-07, 2011-17), of melanoma, 56.

Sunday, 5 January

  Martin Griffin, rock drummer (Hawkwind), after a brief illness, age not reported.

Thursday, 2 January 2020

  Sam Wyche, NFL football player and head coach (Cincinnati Bengals), of liver cancer, 74.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

  Lexii Alijai, rapper, cause not reported, 21.

  Doug Hart, NFL football player (Green Bay Packers), 80.

  Don Larsen, major leaguer (New York Yankees), of cancer of the esophagus, 90.

  David Stern, National Basketball Association commissioner (1984-2014), of a brain hemorrhage, 77.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

  J. L. Lewis, pro golfer, of multiple myeloma, 59.

  Martin West, actor (Phil McKenna on "Dallas"), 82.

Monday, 30 December 2019

  Syd Mead, concept artist (Blade Runner), of lymphoma, 86.

  Prosper Grech, Roman Catholic cardinal, 94.

  Elizabeth Sellars, actress (The Barefoot Contessa), 98.

Sunday, 29 December 2019

  Neil Innes, comedic musician (Monty Python and the Holy Grail), of a heart attack, 75.

  Neal Watlington, major leaguer (Philadelphia Athletics), 97.


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