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Celebrity Deaths

Updates posted every Monday.  From our friends at Dead or Alive Data Base.

Saturday, 10 November

  Ron Johnson, NFL football player (New York Giants), with Alzheimer's disease, 71.

  Liz J. Patterson, U.S. Congresswoman (D-SC, 1987-93), cause not reported, 78. She was the daughter of the late U.S. Senator Olin D. Johnston.

Friday, 9 November

  Ken Howell, major leaguer (Los Angeles Dodgers), after a long illness, 57.

Thursday, 8 November

  Ron Negray, major leaguer (Philadelphia Phillies), 88.

  Wallace Triplett, NFL football player (Detroit Lions), 92.

Wednesday, 7 November

  Walt Kowalczyk, NFL football player (Philadelphia Eagles), 83 .

Tuesday, 6 November

  Hugh McDowell, pop cellist (Electric Light Orchestra), of cancer, 65.

  Guadalupe Robledo, aka Jose Lothario, pro wrestler, 83.

Monday, 5 November

  Keith Christiansen, WHA hockey player (Minnesota Fighting Saints), of lung cancer, 74.

Sunday, 4 November

  Donna Axum, beauty pageant winner (Miss America 1964), of complications from Parkinson's Disease, 76.

  Bill Brown, NFL football player (Minnesota Vikings), 80.

  Vince Manuwai, NFL football player (Jacksonville Jaguars), after collapsing, 38.

Saturday, 27 October

  Freddie Hart, country singer ("Easy Loving"), of pneumonia, 91.

  Ntozake Shange, playwright (“For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide...”), of natural causes, 70.

Thursday, 25 October

  Lindon Crow, NFL football player (Los Angeles Rams), 85.

Wednesday, 24 October

  Melvin Ragin, aka Wah Wah Watson, soul guitarist (The Funk Brothers), cause not reported, 67.

  Benny Valenzuela, major leaguer (St. Louis Cardinals), 85.

  Tony Joe White, blues musician ("Polk Salad Annie"), 75.

Tuesday, 23 October

  James Karen, actor (“Poltergeist”), 94.

  Rod Rust, NFL football head coach (New England Patriots), 90.

Monday, 22 October

  Gilberto Benetton, fashion executive (Benetton Group), cause not reported, 77.

  Hank Greenwald, baseball announcer (San Francisco Giants), 83.

Sunday, 21 October

  John Hill, NFL football player (New Orleans Saints), of pancreatic cancer, 68.


Friday, 19 October 2018

  Dick Modzelewski, NFL football player (New York Giants), 87.

  Diana Sowle, actress ("Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory"), 88.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

  Danny Leiner, film director ("Dude, Where's My Car?"), of cancer, 57.

  "Dirty" Dick Slater, pro wrestler (World Championship Wrestling), cause not reported, 67

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

  Cornelius Gallagher, U.S. Congressman (D-NJ, 1959-73), 97.

  Oli Herbert, heavy metal guitarist (All That Remains), cause not reported, 44.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

  Paul Allen, software engineer (Microsoft) and NFL and NBA sports team owner, of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, 65.

  Dennis Hof, Nevada brothel owner and political candidate, apparently of natural causes, 72.

  Walter "Dee" Huddleston, U.S. Senator (D-KY, 1973-85), 92.

  Wayne Krenchicki, major leaguer (Baltimore Orioles), cause not reported, 64.

Monday, 15 October 2018

  Shelley Hamlin, pro golfer, of breast cancer, 69.

  Joe Stanka, major leaguer (Chicago White Sox), 87.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

  Brian Kinsella, NHL hockey player (Washington Capitals), cause not reported, 64.

  Saturday, 13 October 2018

  Bill Coors, business executive(Coors), 102.

  Don Leo Jonathan, aka TheMormon Giant, pro wrestler, 87.


Thursday, 11 October 2018

  Carol Hall, Broadway composer("The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas"), of a brain disorder, 82.


Wednesday, 10 October 2018

  Tex Winter, NBA basketballassistant coach (Chicago Bulls), 96.


Tuesday, 9 October 2018

  Jose Santiago, major leaguer(Cleveland Indians), 90.

  Alex Spanos, footballexecutive (Los Angeles Chargers), with dementia, 95.


Monday, 8 October 2018

  Arnold Kopelson, film producer(Platoon), 83.

  George Taliaferro, NFLfootball player (Baltimore Colts), 91.

  Joseph Tydings, U.S. Senator(D-MD, 1965-71), 90.


Sunday, 7 October 2018

  Peggy McKay, actress (CarolineBrady on "Days of Our Lives"), 90.

  Celeste Yarnall, actress(“Eve”), of ovarian cancer, 74.


Saturday, 6 October 2018

  Kevin Ellison, NFL football player (San Diego Chargers), cause not reported, 31. He was a brother of NFL player Keith Ellison.

  Scott Wilson, actor (Hershel Greene in "The Walking Dead"), of leukemia, 76.
  George Kaftan, NBA basketball player (Boston Celtics), 90. 

Thursday, 4 October 2018

  Will Vinton, animator (The California Raisins), of multiple myeloma, 70.

  Audrey Wells, filmmaker (“Under the Tuscan Sun”), of cancer, 58.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

  Marty Pattin, major leaguer (Kansas City Royals), cause not reported, 75.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

  Geoff Emerick, recording engineer (The Beatles), of a heart attack, 72.

Monday, 1 October 2018

  Charles Aznavour, French pop singer, of natural causes, 94.

Saturday, 29 September

  Otis Rush, blues guitarist,84.


Friday, 28 September

  Wes Hopkins, NFL footballplayer (Philadelphia Eagles), after a long illness, 57.

  Joe Masteroff, playwright("Cabaret"), 98.

  Greg Terrion, NHL hockeyplayer (Toronto Maple Leafs), of a heart attack, 59.


Thursday, 27 September

  Marty Balin, rock singer(Jefferson Airplane), cause not reported, 76.

  Yvonne Suhor, actress (LouMcloud on "The Young Riders"), of pancreatic cancer, 56.


Wednesday, 26 September

  Roger Robinson, actor (GilWeaver on "Kojak"), of a heart ailment, 78.


Tuesday, 25 September

  Danny Lewicki, NHL hockeyplayer (Toronto Maple Leafs), 87.


Monday, 24 September

  Tommy McDonald, NFL footballplayer (Philadelphia Eagles), 84.


Sunday, 23 September

  Gary Kurtz, film producer("Star Wars"), of cancer, 78.

Saturday, 22 September

  Chas Hodges, rock musician(Chas & Dave), of cancer of the esophagus, 74.

  Mike Labinjo, NFL footballplayer (Miami Dolphins), cause not reported, 38.


Friday, 21 September

  Lee Strange, major leaguer(Cleveland Indians), 81.


Thursday, 20 September

  Greg Hodnett, auto racer, in aracing accident, 49.


Wednesday, 19 September

  Dave Barrett, radio journalist(CBS News), of a heart attack, 63.

  Marilyn Lloyd, U.S.Congresswoman (D-TN, 1975-95), 89.

  Keith Nord, NFL footballplayer (Minnesota Vikings), of cancer, 61.

  Denis Norden, TV host(British), 96.


Tuesday, 18 September

  Robert Venturi, architect, ofcomplications from Alzheimer's disease, 93.

Saturday, 15 September

  Dudley Sutton, actor(British), of cancer, 85.


Thursday, 13 September

  Marin Mazzie, stageactress/singer, of ovarian cancer, 57.


Wednesday, 12 September

  Billy O'Dell, major leaguer(Baltimore Orioles), of complications from Parkinson's Disease, 85.

Tuesday, 11 September

  Fenella Fielding, actress(British), following a stroke, 90.

  Jim Houston, NFL football player(Cleveland Browns), 80.


Monday, 10 September

  Peter Donat, actor (WilliamMulder in "The X-Files"), 90. He was a nephew of actor Robert Donatand ex-husband of actress Michael Learned.


Friday, 7 September

  Sam Bodman, U.S. Secretary of Energy (2005-09), cause not reported, age 79.

  Mac Miller, r.n. Malcom McCormick, rapper, apparently of a drug overdose, age 26.
  Thad Mumford, TV screenwriter ("M*A*S*H"), after a long illness, 67

Thursday, 6 September

  Peter Benson, actor (British), after a brief illness, age 75.

  Richard DeVos, businessman (Amway) and basketball executive (Orlando Magic), of complications from an infection, age 92.

  Liz Fraser, actress (British), age 88.

  Will Jordan, impressionist ("The Ed Sullivan Show"), age 91.

  Burt Reynolds, actor (“Smokey and the Bandit”), of a heart attack, age 82.

Tuesday, 4 September

  Bill Daily, actor (Major Roger Healy on "I Dream of Jeannie"), age 91.

  Jason Hairston, NFL football player (San Francisco 49ers), of suicide (no details reported), age 47.

  Christopher Lawford, actor (“Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”), cause not reported, age 63. He was the son of actor actor Peter Lawford and socialite Patrica Kennedy.

Monday, 3 September

  Lydia Clarke Heston, actress (“The Atomic City”), age 95. She was the widow of actor Charlton Heston.

  Jacqueline Pearce, actress ("Blake's 7"), cause not reported, age 74.

Sunday, 2 September

  Claire Wineland, advocate for the sick (“Every Breath I Take”), of a blood clot following a lung transplant, age 21

Friday, 31 August

  Mike Kennedy, country drummer (George Strait's band), in an automobile accident, 59.

  Carole Shelley, actress ("The Odd Couple"), of cancer, 79.

  Amanda Kyle Williams, crime writer ("The Stranger You Seek"), of cancer, 61.
   Gloria Jean, actress (Never Give a Sucker an Even Break), age 92.

 Thursday, 30 August

  Susan Brown, actress (Gail Baldwin on "General Hospital"), 86.

  Vanessa Marquez, actress (Nurse Wendy Goldman on "ER"), shot in her home by police who were responding to a call, 49.

  Marie Severin, comic book artist (Marvel Comics), of a stroke, 89.


 Tuesday, 28 August

  Gary Friedrich, comic book writer ("Ghost Rider"), of complications from Parkinson's Disease, 75.

 Monday, 27 August

  Fredd Wayne, actor (Benjamin Franklin on various shows, including "Bewitched"), 93.

  Murray Westgate, actor (Max on "Seeing Things"), 100.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Neil Simon, Playwright whose works included "The Odd Couple," died today of pneumonia, age 91.

Saturday, 25 August 2018

  John McCain, U.S. Senator (R-AZ, 1987-2018), of brain cancer, 81.

Friday, 24 August

  Lawrence J. DeNardis, U.S. Congressman (R-CT, 1981-83), after a brief illness, 80.

  DJ Ready Red, r.n. Collins Leysath, rap performer & producer (Geto Boys), apparently of natural causes, 53.

Thursday, 23 August

  Lisa Fleming, reality TV personality ("My 600-lb Life" on TLC),after a long illness, 50.

  Russ Heath, comic book artist ("All-American Men of War"), of cancer, 91.

  Robin Leach, TV host ("Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"), of complications from a stroke, 76.

Wednesday, 22 August

  Chris Champion, pro wrestler, of a stroke, 57.

  Ed King, rock guitarist (Lynyrd Skynyrd), of cancer, 68.

  Lazy Lester, blues musician, of stomach cancer, 85.

Tuesday, 21 August

  George Andrie, NFL football player (Dallas Cowboys), cause not reported, 78.

  Barbara Harris, actress ("Freaky Friday"), of lung cancer, 83.

  Dean Stone, major leaguer (Washington Senators), 88.

Monday, 20 August

  Doc Edwards, major leaguer (Kansas City Athletics), 81.

  Craig Zadan, film & TV producer ("The Bucket List"), of complications from shoulder surgery, 69.

Sunday, 19 August

  Joe Landrum, major leaguer (Brooklyn Dodgers), 89. He was the father of major leaguer Bill Landrum.


Saturday, 18 August

  Kofi Annan, U.N. Secretary-General (1997-2006), after a brief illness, 80.

Friday, 17 August

  Paul Naumoff, NFL football player (Detroit Lions), cause not reported, 73.

  Kurt Walker, NHL hockey player (Toronto Maple Leafs), of sepsis, 64

Thursday, 16 August

  Aretha Franklin, soul singer ("Think"), of pancreatic cancer, 76.

Tuesday, 14 August

  Mark Baker, stage actor (“Candide”), cause not reported, 71.

  Jill Janus, heavy metal singer (Huntress), of suicide (no details reported), 43.

  Lyric McHenry, reality TV personality ("EJNYC" on "E!"), apparently of a drug overdose, 26.

Monday, 13 August

  Jim Neidhart, aka The Anvil, pro wrestler (World Wrestling Federation), of an injury from a fall, 63.

Saturday, 11 August

  Manch Wheeler, NFL football player (Buffalo Bills), cause not reported, 79.

Wednesday, 8 August

  Jarrod Lyle, pro golfer, of leukemia, 36.

Thursday, 9 August

  Brian Danovich, wrestler(WWE's "Tough Enough"), cause not reported, 38.


Tuesday, 7 August

  Etienne Chicot, actor (The DaVinci Code), cause not reported, 69.

  Stan Mikita, NHL hockey player(Chicago Black Hawks), of natural causes, 78.


Monday, 6 August

  Robert Dix, actor (ForbiddenPlanet), of respiratory failure, 83. He was the son of actor Richard Dix.

  Margaret Heckler, U.S.Secretary of Health and Human Services (1983-85), of cardiac arrest, 87.

  Paul Laxalt, U.S. Senator (R-NV, 1974-87), 96.

  Joel Robuchon, chef, ofcancer, 73.


Sunday, 5 August

  Tom Heckert Jr., NFL footballexecutive (Philadelphia Eagles), of amyloidosis, 51.

  David Landsberg, actor(Recruit Skolnick on "CPO Sharkey"), of cancer of the esophagus, 73.

  Charlotte Rae, actress (Edna Garrett on"The Facts of Life"), of bone cancer, 92. 

Saturday, 28 July 2018

  Bruce Lietzke, pro golfer, of brain cancer, 67.

Thursday, 26 July

  Willie Brown, NFL football player (Los Angeles Rams), cause not reported, 76.

  Bill Loud, documentary TV personality ("An American Family"), 97.

Wednesday, 25 July

  Frank Clarke, NFL football player (Dallas Cowboys), 84.

  Sergio Marchionne, automotive executive (Fiat Chrysler), of complications from shoulder surgery, 66.

  Guy Molinari, U.S. Congressman (R-NY, 1981-89), of pneumonia, 89.

  Patrick Williams, easy listening composer (An American Concerto), of cancer, 79.

Tuesday, 24 July

  Tony Cloninger, major leaguer (Milwaukee Braves), cause not reported, 77.

  Vaughn Eshelman, major leaguer (Boston Red Sox), of liver disease, 49.

Monday, 23 July

  Maryon Pittman Allen, U.S. Senator (D-AL, 1978), 92.

  Tony Cline, NFL football player (Oakland Raiders), cause not reported, 69.

Sunday, 22 July

  Tony Sparano, NFL football head coach (Miami Dolphins), after a brief illness, 56.

Thursday, 19 July

  Nicholas "Duffy" Fudge, fisherman ("Wicked Tuna" on the National Geographic Channel), cause not reported, 28.

Saturday, 21 July

  Elmarie Wendel, actress (Mrs.Dubcek on "Third Rock from the Sun"), 89.


Thursday, 19 July

  Jon Schnepp, filmmaker (“TheDeath of ‘Superman Lives’”), of complications from a stroke, 51.


Wednesday, 18 July

  Adrian Cronauer, disc jockey(subject of “Good Morning, Vietnam”), after a long illness, 79.


Tuesday, 17 July

  Gary Beach, actor (“TheProducers”), cause not reported, 70.

  Mark Hayes, pro golfer, ofAlzheimer's disease, 69


Monday, 16 July

  Robin Jones, NBA basketballplayer (Portland Trail Blazers), cause not reported, 64.

  Gabriel Rivera, NFL footballplayer (Pittsburgh Steelers), of an illness, 57.

  Manuel Ycaza, jockey, of pneumonia, 80.


Sunday, 15 July

  Ray Emery, NHL hockey player(Ottawa Senators), drowned while swimming, 35.Saturday, 14 July 2018

  Roger Perry, actor (CharlesParker on "The Facts of Life"), of prostate cancer, 85.


Thursday, 12 July 2018

  Len Chappell, NBA basketballplayer (New York Knicks), cause not reported, 77


Wednesday, 11 July 2018

  Lindy Remingo, track &field athlete (1952 Olympics), of pancreatic cancer, 87.

  Pat Swindall, U.S. Congressman(R-GA, 1985-89), cause not reported, 67.


Tuesday, 10 July 2018

  Ron Johnson, NFL footballplayer (Pittsburgh Steelers), cause not reported, 62.


Monday, 9 July 2018

  Sammy Esposito, major leaguer(Chicago White Sox), 86.


Sunday, 8 July 2018

  Frank Ramsey, NBA basketballplayer (Boston Celtics), of natural causes, 86.

  Robert D. Ray, governor ofIowa (R, 1969-83), with Parkinson's disease, 89.

  Lonnie Shelton, NBA basketballplayer (Seattle SuperSonics), in a coma following a heart attack, 62.

  Tab Hunter, star of "Damn Yankees," died of a blood clot , age 86.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

  Tyler Honeycutt, NBA basketball player (Sacramento Kings), of suicide by gunshot, age 27. He was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot following a shootout with police.

Friday, 6 July 2018

  Clifford Rozier, NBA basketball player (Golden State Warriors), of a heart attack, age 45.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

  Ed Schultz, political commentator ("The Ed Schultz Show"), of natural causes, age 64.

  Jean-Louis Tauran, Roman Catholic cardinal (France), of Parkinson's disease, age 75.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

  Alan Diaz, photojournalist (Elian Gonzalez in 2000), cause not reported, age 71.

  Richard Swift, indie rock musician, of an illness, age 41.

Monday, 2 July 2018

  Alan Longmuir, pop bassist (Bay City Rollers), cause not reported, age 70.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

  Gillian Lynne, Broadway choreographer (“Cats”),age 92.

Friday, 29 June

  Matt Cappotelli, pro wrestler (World Wrestling Entertainment), of a brain tumor,38.

Thursday, 28 June

  Harlan Ellison, science fiction writer ("I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream"), 84.

  Mike Kilkenny, major leaguer (Detroit Tigers), cause not reported, 73.

Wednesday, 27 June

  Joe Jackson, recording artist manager (The Jacksons), of pancreatic cancer, 89. He was the father of Michael Jackson and his siblings.

Tuesday, 26 June

  Daniel Pilon, actor (Renaldo Marchetta on "Dallas"), cause not reported, 77.

  Phil Rodgers, pro golfer, of leukemia, 80.

Monday, 25 June

  Richard Harrison, aka The Old Man, reality TV personality ("Pawn Stars"), of Parkinson's disease, 77.

Sunday, 24 June

  Stanley Anderson, actor (“Armageddon”), of brain cancer, 78.

  Dan Ingram, disc jockey (New York City), 83.

Saturday, 23 June

  Donald Hall, poet, age 89.

Friday, 22 June

  Vinnie Paul, heavy metal drummer (Pantera), of a heart attack, age 54.

  Deanna Lund, actress (Valerie Scott on "Land of the Giants"), of pancreatic cancer, 81.

Thursday, 21 June

  Charles Krauthammer, political columnist and commentator (The Washington Post), of cancer of the small intestine, age 68.

Wednesday, 20 June

  Peter Thomson, pro golfer, of Parkinson's disease, age 88.

Tuesday, 19 June

  Hubert Green, pro golfer, of throat cancer, age 71.

  Bill Kenville, NBA basketball player (Syracuse Nationals), age 87.

  Chuck Klingbeil, NFL football player (Miami Dolphins), cause not reported, age 52.

  Lowrell Simon, soul singer ("The Lost Generation"), cause not reported, age 75.

Monday, 18 June

  Jimmy Wopo, r.n. Travon Smart, rapper ("Elm Street"), shot (homicide), age 21.

  Billy Connors, major leaguer (Chicago Cubs), cause not reported, age 76.

  Jahseh Onfroy, aka XXXTentacion, rapper ("Sad!"), shot (homicide), age 20.

  Leon White, aka Big Van Vader, NFL football player (Los Angeles Rams) and pro wrestler (WCW), of heart failure, age 63.

Sunday, 17 June

  Dutch Rennert, major-league umpire, age 88.

Saturday, 16 June

  Martin Bregman, film director("Scarface"), of a brain hemorrhage, age 92.


Friday, 15 June

  Nick Knox, punk rock drummer(The Cramps), cause not reported, age 60.


Thursday, 14 June

  Ed Roebuck, major leaguer(Brooklyn Dodgers), age 86.

Wednesday, 13 June

  Anne Donovan, collegebasketball player and WNBA coach, of heart failure, age 56.

  D. J. Fontana, rock and rolldrummer (Elvis Presley), age 87.

  Charles Vinci, weightlifter(1956 and 1960 Olympics), age 85.


Tuesday, 12 June

  Keith Fahnhorst, NFL footballplayer (San Francisco 49ers), cause not reported, age 66.


Sunday, 10 June

  Neal E. Boyd, singer("America's Got Talent"), of an illness, age 42.

  Dorothy Cotton, civil rightsactivist, age 88.

  Tom McEwen, auto racer(National Hot Rod Association), age 81.


Friday, 8 June

  Maria Esther Bueno, pro tennisplayer, of mouth cancer, age 78.


Monday, 4 June

  Georgann Johnson,actress (Elizabeth Quinn on "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"), age 91.

Saturday, 9 June

  Kenyatta Jones, NFL football player (New England Patriots), of cardiac arrest, age 39.

Friday, 8 June

  Anthony Bourdain, chef, of suicide by hanging, age 61.

  Eunice Gayson, actress (“Dr. No”), age 90.

  Danny Kirwan, pop guitarist (Fleetwood Mac), cause not reported, age 68.

  Jackson Odell, actor (Ari Caldwell on "The Goldbergs"), cause not reported, age 20.

Wednesday, 6 June

  Red Schoendienst, major-league player and manager (St. Louis Cardinals), age 95.

Tuesday, 5 June

  Kate Spade, fashion designer, of suicide by hanging, 55.

  Chuck Taylor, major leaguer (Montreal Expos), cause not reported, age 76.

Monday, 4 June

  Dwight Clark, NFL football player (San Francisco 49ers), of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, 61.

  C. M. Newton, college basketball coach (University of Alabama), age 88.

Sunday, 3 June

  Frank Carlucci, U.S. Secretary of Defense (1987-89), of complications from Parkinson's disease, age 87.

  Jerry Hopkins, rock music journalist (“Elvis: A Biography”), age 82.

  Johnnie Keyes, porn actor (“Behind the Green Door”), of a stroke, age 78.

  Miguel Obando y Bravo, Roman Catholic cardinal (Nicaragua), of a heart attack, age 92.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

  Bruce Kison, major leaguer (Pittsburgh Pirates), of cancer, age 68.

  Nick Meglin, humor writer and editor (“MAD”), of a heart attack, age 82.

Friday, 1 June 2018

  Eddy Clearwater, blues musician, of heart failure, age 83.

  William Phipps, actor (“The War of the Worlds”), of lung cancer, age 96.

  Chuck Williams, aka Rockin' Rebel, pro wrestler, apparently of suicide by gunshot, age 52. He apparently committed suicide after murdering his wife.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

  Ella Brennan, restaurateur (Brennan's in New Orleans), age 92.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

  Ray Barker, major leaguer (New York Yankees), age 82.

  Ray Podloski, NHL hockey player (Boston Bruins), of complications from a heart attack, age 52.

Monday, 28 May 2018

  Chuck Stevens, major leaguer (St. Louis Browns), age 99.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

  Gardner Dozois, science fiction author and editor, of an infection, age 70.

  Donald H. Peterson, U.S. astronaut (Shuttle), of bone cancer, age 84.


Saturday, 19 May

  Reggie Lucas, music producer (Madonna), of complications from heart disease, age 65.

Friday, 18 May

  Stephanie Adams, glamour model ("Playboy"), of suicide by jumping, age 46. Her 7-year-old son died in the same jump.

Wednesday, 16 May

  Joseph Campanella, actor (Jonathan Young on "The Bold and the Beautiful"), of complications from Parkinson's disease, age 93.

  Andy Johnson, NFL football player (New England Patriots), after a long illness, age 65.

Monday, 14 May

  Peter Byrne, actor (British), age 90.

  Elaine Edwards, U.S. Senator (D-LA, 1972), age 89. She was the wife of Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards.

  Doug Ford, pro golfer, age 95.

  Frank Quilici, major-league player and manager (Minnesota Twins), of kidney disease, age 79.

  Tom Wolfe, author ("The Right Stuff"), age 88.

Sunday, 13 May

  Margot Kidder, actress ("Superman"), cause not reported, age 69.

Saturday, 28 April

  James Hylton, auto racer (NASCAR), in a single-vehicle traffic accident, age 83.

  Art Paul, graphic designer (“Playboy” magazine), of complications from pneumonia, age 93.

Friday, 27 April

  Paul Junger Witt, TV and film producer ("The Golden Girls"), of cancer, age 77.

Thursday, 26 April

  Philip Hoff, governor of Vermont (D, 1963-69), age 93.

  Kristin Nelson, actress (Kris Nelson on "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet"), cause not reported, age 72.  

Charles Neville, R&B saxophonist (The Neville Brothers), of pancreatic cancer, age 79.

Wednesday, 25 April

  Michael Anderson, film director (“Logan's Run”), age 98.

Tuesday, 24 April

  Marv Rackley, major leaguer (Brooklyn Dodgers), age 96.

Monday, 23 April

  Bennie Cunningham, NFL football player (Pittsburgh Steelers), of cancer, age 63.

  Bob Dorough, jazz composer and musician ("Schoolhouse Rock"), age 94.

  Arthur Rubinstein, TV and film composer ("Scarecrow and Mrs. King"), of cancer, age 80.

Sunday, 22 April

  Ken Hofmann, sports team owner (Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Athletics), age 95.

  Dave Nelson, major leaguer (Texas Rangers), of liver cancer, age 73.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

  Verne Troyer, actor (“Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me”), cause not reported, age 49.

Friday, 20 April 2018

  Al Swift, U.S. Congressman (D-WA, 1979-95), age 82.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

  Gil Santos, football announcer (New England Patriots), age 80.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

  John Hope, major leaguer (Pittsburgh Pirates), age 47.

  Paul Jones, r.n. Paul Frederik, pro wrestler, cause not reported, age 75.

  Bruno Sammartino, pro wrestler (WWWF), age 82.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

  Barbara Bush, U.S. first lady (1989-93), of congestive heart failure, age 92. 

  Randy Scruggs, country songwriter ("Angel in Disguise"), cause not reported, age 64. Scruggs.

Monday, 16 April 2018

  Harry Anderson, actor (Judge Harold T. Stone on "Night Court"), apparently of cardiac arrest, age 65

  Pamela Gidley, actress (“Twin Peaks: Firewalk With Me”), cause not reported, age 52.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

  R. Lee Ermey, actor (“Full Metal Jacket”), of complications from pneumonia, age 74.

Saturday, 14 April

  Hal Greer, NBA basketball player (Philadelphia 76ers), age 81.

Thursday, 12 April

  Deborah Coleman, blues musician, of complications from pneumonia, age 61.

Saturday, 14 April

  Milos Forman, film director (One Flew Over theCuckoo's Nest), after a brief illness, age 86.


Friday, 13 April

  Art Bell, talk radio host ("Coast toCoast AM"), cause not reported, age 72.


Thursday, 12 April

  Alex Beckett, actor (British),cause not reported, age 35.

  John Melcher, U.S. Senator(D-MT, 1977-89), age 93.

  Len Okrie, major leaguer(Washington Senators), age 94.


Tuesday, 10 April

  Yvonne Staples, soul singer(The Staple Singers), of colon cancer, age 80.


Sunday, 8 April

  Chuck McCann, voice actor(Duckworth in "DuckTales"), of heart failure, age 83.

  Joe McConnell, sportsannouncer (Minnesota Vikings), cause not reported, age 79.


Friday, 6 April

  Daniel Akaka, U.S. Senator (D-HI, 1990-2013), of organ failure, age 93.

  Dorothy Garlock, romance novelist ("Love and Cherish"), age 98.

Thursday, 5 April

  Grady Alderman, NFL football player (Minnesota Vikings), cause not reported, age 79.

  Tim O'Connor, actor (Elliott Carson on "Peyton Place"), age 90.

Monday, 2 April

  Susan Anspach, actress ("Five Easy Pieces"), of heart failure, age 75. She was an ex-wife of actor Mark Goddard.

  Alton Ford, NBA basketball player (Phoenix Suns), of lymphoma, age 36.

  Winnie Mandela, South African terrorist and political figure, of complications from diabetes, age 81.  She was the ex-wife of South African President Nelson Mandela.

  Bill Rademacher, NFL football player (New York Jets), cause not reported, age 75.

Sunday, 1 April

  Steven Bochco, TV producer ("Hill Street Blues"), of leukemia, age 74. He was the husband of actress Barbara Bosson.

Saturday, 31 March

  James McAlister, NFL football player (Philadelphia Eagles), of cancer, age 66.

Thursday, 29 March

  Brian Lancaster, reality TV personality ("Road Rules"), apparently of natural causes, age 43.

Saturday, 24 March

  Carl Scheib, major leaguer (Philadelphia Athletics), age 91.

Friday, 30 March

  Brendon Whitney, aka Alias, rapper, of a heart attack, age 41.

  Bill Maynard, actor (British), after a fall, age 89.

Thursday, 29 March

  Stephen Reinhardt, U.S. judge (Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals), of a heart attack, age 87.

  Anita Shreve, author (“The Weight of Water”), of cancer, age 71.

  Rusty Staub, major leaguer (New York Mets), of multiple organ failure, age 73.

Wednesday, 28 March

  Travis Hill, NFL football player (Cleveland Browns), cause not reported, age 48.

Tuesday, 27 March

  David Humm, NFL football player (Oakland Raiders), of complications from multiple sclerosis, age 65.

  Jerry Moses, major leaguer (Boston Red Sox), with dementia, age 84.

  Kenny O'Dell, country-western songwriter ("Behind Closed Doors"), of natural causes, age 73.

Friday, 23 March

  Dushon Monique Brown, actress(Connie on "Chicago Fire"), cause not reported, age 49.

  Philip Kerr, author (BernieGunther novels), cause not reported, age 62.

  Zell Miller, U.S. Senator(D-GA, 2000-05), of Parkinson's disease, age 86.
Delores Taylor, actress (“Billy Jack”), of natural causes, age 85. She was the widow of actor Tom Laughlin.


Thursday, 22 March

  Wayne Huizenga, businessmanand sports team owner (Miami Dolphins), age 80.

  Charles Lazarus, retailer(Toys "R" Us), of natural causes, age 94.


Tuesday, 20 March

  Frank Avruch, TV performer(Bozo the Clown), of heart disease, age 89.

  Peter George Peterson, U.S.Secretary of Commerce (1972-73), age 91.

  William Smith, wrestler (1952Olympics), age 89.


Monday, 19 March

  Dick LeMay, major leaguer (SanFrancisco Giants), cause not reported, age 79.

  Keith O'Brien, Roman Catholiccardinal (Scotland), of complications from a fall, age 80.

  Les Payne, journalist(“Newsday”), cause not reported, age 76.


Sunday, 18 March

  Chuck Arrobio, NFL footballplayer (Minnesota Vikings), cause not reported, age 73.

  Jerry Schoonmaker, majorleaguer (Washington Senators), age 84.


Saturday, 17 March 2018

  Mike MacDonald, comedian (Canadian), of a heart ailment, age 63.

  Sammy Williams, stage actor (Paul San Marco in A Chorus Line), cause not reported, age 69.
Greg Polis, NHL hockey player (Pittsburgh Penguins), of cancer, age  67.

Friday, 16 March 2018

  Louise Slaughter, U.S. Congresswoman (D-NY, 1987-), of complications from a fall, age 88.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

  Tom Benson, football executive (New Orleans Saints), of complications from the flu, age 90.

  Ed Charles, major leaguer (New York Mets), age 84.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

  Jim Bowen, TV host (British), age 80.

  Stephen Hawking, physicist (A Brief History of Time), cause not reported, age 76.

Monday, 12 March 2018

  Floyd "Nokie" Edwards, guitarist (The Ventures), of complications from hip surgery, age 82.

  Ken Flach, pro tennis player (1988 Olympics), of complications from pneumonia, age 54.

  Craig Mack, aka MC EZ, rapper ("Flava In Ya Ear"), of heart failure, age 47.

  Bud Olsen, NBA basketball player (Cincinnati Royals), cause not reported, age 77.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

  Ken Dodd, comedian (British), age 90.

  Karl Lehmann, Roman Catholic cardinal (Germany), of complications from a stroke, age 81.

Saturday, 10 March

  Hubert de Givenchy, fashion designer, age 91.

  Ken Houston, NHL hockey player (Atlanta Flames), of cancer, age 64.

  Robert Scheerer, TV director ("Start Trek" The Next Generation"), age 89.

Friday, 2 March

  Sean Garrison, actor (The Culhane in "Dundee and the Culhane"), age 80.

Friday, 9 March 2018

  Chris Gedney, NFL football player (Arizona Cardinals), cause not reported, age 47.

  George A. Sinner, governor of North Dakota (D, 1985-92), age 89.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

  Kate Wilhelm, author (“Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang”), age 89.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

  Bill Pulte, real estate developer (PulteGroup), age 85.

  Charles Thone, U.S. Congressman (R-NE, 1971-79) and governor of Nebraska (R, 1979-83), age 94.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

  Donna Butterworth, actress (“Paradise, Hawaiian Style”), after a long illness, age 62.

  Steve Stroughter, major leaguer (Seattle Mariners), cause not reported, age 65.

Monday, 5 March 2018

  John Hall Buchanan, U.S. Congressman (R-AL, 1965-81), with dementia, age 89.

  Bob Engel, major-league umpire, age 84.

 Saturday, 3 March

  Roger Bannister, runner (first to run a milein under 4 minutes), age 88.


Friday, 2 March

  Brandon Jenkins, countrymusician ("My Feet Don't Touch The Ground"), of complications fromheart surgery, age 48.

  David Ogden Stiers, actor (Maj. Winchester on"M*A*S*H"), of bladder cancer, age 75.

  Ronnie Prophet, country singer("The Phantom of the Opry"), age 80.

  Sammy Stewart, major leaguer(Baltimore Orioles), cause not reported, 63. His body was found on 2 March. ADOD has not been reported.


Thursday, 1 March

  Dorne Dibble, NFL footballplayer (Detroit Lions), of pneumonia, age 88.


Wednesday, 28 February

  Marc L. Marks, U.S.Congressman (R-PA, 1977-83), age 91.

  Harvey Schmidt, musicaltheatre composer (“The Fantasticks”), age 88.


Tuesday, 27 February

  Peter Miles, actor (British),of natural causes, age 89. His death "last week" was tweeted on 27February.


Monday, 26 February

 Paul Demeo, TV screenwriter& producer ("The Flash"), cause not reported, age 64.

  Benjamin Melniker, superherofilm producer (“Batman”), age 104.


Saturday, 24 February

  Ed Leede, NBA basketballplayer (Boston Celtics), age 90.


Friday, 23 February

  Lewis Gilbert, film director("The Spy Who Loved Me"), age 97.Thursday, 22 February 2018

  Nanette Fabray, actress (Katherine Romano on "One Day at a Time"), 97. She was an aunt of actress Shelley Fabares.

  Jack Hamilton, major leaguer (Philadelphia Phillies), cause not reported, 79.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

  Emma Chambers, actress (British), cause not reported, 53.

  Billy Graham, Protestant evangelist, of natural causes, 99.

Saturday, 17 February

  Scott J. Campbell, Broadway actor, of suicide (no details reported), 32.

Friday, 16 February

  Greg Smyth, NHL hockey player(Philadelphia Flyers), of cancer, age 51.

  Little Sammy Davis, a.k.a. Harmonica Sammy Davis, blues musician, 89.


Wednesday, 14 February

  Don Carter, basketballexecutive (Dallas Mavericks), age 84.


Tuesday, 13 February

  Scott Boyer, country musician(Cowboy and the Decoys), cause not reported, age 70.

  Tito Francona, major leaguer(Cleveland Indians), age 84. He was the father of major-league manager TerryFrancona.

  Victor Milan, aka RichardAustin, science-fiction author ("The Cybernetic Samurai"), of cancer,age 63.


Monday, 12 February

  Marty Allen, comedian and actor (Allen &Rossi), of pneumonia, age 95.

  Daryle Singletary, countrysinger ("I Let Her Lie"), cause not reported, age 46.


Sunday, 11 February

  Vic Damone, crooner ("On the Street WhereYou Live"), of an illness, age 89.

  John D. Fox, U.S. Congressman(R-PA, 1995-99), of cancer, age 70.

  Jan Maxwell, Broadway actress,of cancer, age 61.

  Tom Rapp, folk musician(Pearls Before Swine), cause not reported, age 70.


Saturday, 10 February

  Jeff Bell, New Jerseypolitical figure, cause not reported, age 74.


 Friday, 9 February

  Reg E. Cathey, actor ("Fantastic Four"), cause not reported, age 59.

  John Gavin, actor (“Psycho”), age 86.

  Craig MacGregor, rock bassist (Foghat), of lung cancer, age 68.

  Wally Moon, major leaguer (St. Louis Cardinals), age 87.

Thursday, 8 February

  Lovebug Starski, r.n. Kevin Smith, rapper ("Gangster Rock"), of a heart attack, age 57.

Wednesday, 7 February

  Mickey Jones, actor (Pete Bilker on "Home Improvement"), cause not reported, age 76.

  Jill Messick, film producer (Mean Girls), of suicide (no details reported), age 50.

  Pat Torpey, rock drummer (Mr. Big), of complications from Parkinson's disease, age 64.

Tuesday, 6 February

  John Perry Barlow, rock songwriter (The Grateful Dead), of natural causes, age 70.

  Joe Knollenberg, U.S. Congressman (R-MI, 1993-2009), with Alzheimer's disease, age 84. 

Monday, 5 February

  Jeremy Nunley, NFL football player (Houston Oilers), cause not reported, age 46.

Sunday, 4 February

  Don Choate, major leaguer (San Francisco Giants), of lung cancer, age 79.

  Edwin Jackson, NFL football player (Indianapolis Colts), in an automobile accident, age 26.

  John Mahoney, actor (Martin Crane on "Frasier"), of cancer, age 77.

  Laurin Pepper, major leaguer (Pittsburgh Pirates), age 88.

Saturday, 3 February

  Roy Dietzel, major leaguer (Washington Senators), age 87.

Friday, 2 February

  Dennis Edwards, pop/R&Bsinger (The Temptations), of an illness, age 74.

  Jon Huntsman Sr., chemicalmanufacturer (Huntsman Corporation), of prostate cancer, age 80.


Thursday, 1 February

  Cliff Bourland, track athlete(1948 Olympics), age 97.


Wednesday, 31 January

  Rasual Butler, NBA basketballplayer (Miami Heat), in a single-vehicle automobile accident, age 38.

  Oscar Gamble, major leaguer(New York Yankees), of cancer of the jaw, age 68.

  Ann Gillis, actress (“TheAdventures of Tom Sawyer”), age 90.

  Leah LaBelle, reality TVcontestant ("American Idol"), in a single-vehicle automobileaccident, age 31. She was the wife of NBA player Rasual Butler and was apassenger in his car.

  Bill O'Connor, fantasy artist(Dungeons & Dragons), cause not reported, age 47.


Tuesday, 30 January

  Mark Salling, actor (Noah"Puck" Puckerman on "Glee"), of suicide by hanging, age 35.

  Clyde Scott, NFL footballplayer (Philadelphia Eagles), age 93.

  Kevin Towers, baseballexecutive (San Diego Padres), of thyroid cancer, age 56.

  Louis Zorich, actor (BurtBuchman on "Mad About You"), age 93.


Monday, 29 January

  Rick McKay, documentaryfilmmaker (“Broadway: The Golden Age”), cause not reported, age 57.

  Eddie Shaw, blues saxophonist,of natural causes, age 80.


 Saturday, 27 January

  Ingvar Kamprad, furniture retailer (IKEA), of pneumonia, age 91.

  Mort Walker, cartoonist ("Beetle Bailey"), age 94.Jerry Butler, porn actor, cause not reported, age 58.

Jerry Sneva, auto racer (Indianapolis 500), cause not reported, age 68. He was the brother of auto racer Tom Sneva. 

Jerry Butler, porn actor, cause not reported, age 58.

Friday, 26 January

  Tommy Banks, jazz musician and Canadian political figure, of leukemia, age 81.

  Reese "Buzz" Clifford, novelty pop singer ("Baby Sittin' Boogie"), cause not reported, age 76.

Thursday, 25 January

  Daniel M. Buechlein, Roman Catholic archbishop (Indianapolis, Indiana), cause not reported, age 79.

  Floyd Miles, R&B singer, cause not reported, age 74.

  John Morris, film soundtrack composer ("Young Frankenstein"), age 91.

Wednesday, 24 January

  Marcos Carvajal, major leaguer (Colorado Rockies), of pneumonia, age 33.

  Jack Ketchum, r.n. Dallas Mayr, horror writer ("Off Season"), of cancer, 71.

  Julio Navarro, major leaguer (Los Angeles Angels), with Alzheimer's disease, age 82.

  Mark E. Smith, rock musician ("The Fall"), after a long illness, age 60.


Tuesday, 23 January

  Robert Dowdell, actor (Lt. Cmdr.. Chip Morton on "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"), age 85.

  Hugh Masekela, jazz trumpeter ("Grazing in the Grass"), of prostate cancer, age 78.

  Joel Taylor, reality TV personality ("Storm Chasers"), of a drug overdose, age 38.

  Lari White, country singer ("Now I Know"), of peritoneal cancer, age 52.

Monday, 22 January

  Jimmy Armfield, soccer player (England), of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, age 82.

  Ursula K. Le Guin, fantasy author ("A Wizard of Earthsea"), age 88.

Sunday, 21 January

  Connie Sawyer, actress ("Dumb and Dumber"), age 105.

Saturday, 20 January

  John Coleman, TV meteorologist ("Good Morning America"), age 83.

  Jim Rodford, rock bassist (The Kinks), of injuries from a fall, age 76.

  Bill Johnson, major leaguer (Chicago Cubs), cause not reported, age 57.

  Howard Lew Lewis, actor (British), with dementia, age 76.

Friday, 19 January

  Dorothy Malone, actress ("Written on the Wind"), after a long illness, age 92.

  Fredo Santana, rapper, cause not reported, age 27

Thursday, 18 January

  Julius Lester, writer ("To Be a Slave"), cause not reported, age 78.

  Peter Mayle, author ("A Year in Provence"), cause not reported, age 78.

  Chick Webster, NHL hockey player (New York Rangers), age 97.

Wednesday, 17 January

  Jessica Falkholt, actress (Australian), of injuries from an automobile accident, age 29.

Simon Shelton Barnes, actor (Tinky-Winky on "Teletubbies"), cause not reported, age 52.

Tuesday, 16 January

  Bill Bain, management consultant (Bain & Company), age 80.

  Bradford Dillman, actor (Darryl Calyton on "Falcon Crest"), of complications from pneumonia, age 87.

  Tyler Hilinski, college football player (Washington State University), of suicide by gunshot, age 21.

  Jo Jo White, NBA basketball player (Boston Celtics), of pneumonia, age 71.

Monday, 15 January

  Dolores O'Riordan, rock singer (The Cranberries), cause not reported, age 46.

  Peter Wyngarde, actor ("Department S"), age 90.

  Joe Frank, radio performer, age 79. Not to be confused with the 1970's pop musician of the same name.

  Edwin Hawkins, gospel singer ("Oh Happy Day"), of pancreatic cancer, age 74.

  Mike Shanahan, hockey executive (St. Louis Blues), cause not reported, age 78.

  John Spellman, governor of Washington (R, 1981-85), of pneumonia, age 91.

Sunday, 14 January

  Dan Gurney, auto racer and team owner, age 86.

  Cecil Hoekstra, NHL hockey player (Montreal Canadiens), age 82.

  Max Labovitch, NHL hockey player (New York Rangers), age 93.

  Marlene VerPlanck, jazz singer, age 84.

  Hugh Wilson, film director ("Police Academy"), of lung cancer and emphysema, age 74.

Saturday, 13 January

  Jean Porter, actress ("Bathing Beauty"), of natural causes, 95.

Friday, 12 January

  Bella Emberg, actress (British), 80.

  Keith Jackson, sportscaster (college football on ABC), 89.

  John Tunney, U.S. Senator (D, 1971-77), of prostate cancer, 83.

Thursday, 11 January

  Doug Barnard Jr., U.S. Congressman (D-GA, 1977-93), 95.

  Kevin Dahlgren, murderer (Harok family in Czech Republc), of suicide by hanging, 25.

  Edgar Ray Killen, murderer (Mississippi "Freedom Summer" murders), 92.

Wednesday, 10 January

  "Fast" Eddie Clarke, heavy metal guitarist (Motorhead), of pneumonia, 67.

  Tom Luken, U.S. Congressman (D-OH, 1974-75, 1977-91), 92.

  Doreen Tracey, actress ("The Mickey Mouse Club"), of pneumonia, 74.

Tuesday, 9 January

  Bob Bailey, major leaguer (Montreal Expos), cause not reported, 75.

Monday, 8 January

  Denise LaSalle, blues singer ("Trapped by a Thing Called Love"), cause not reported, 78.

  Donnelly Rhodes, actor (Dutch Leitner on "Soap"), of cancer, 80.

Sunday, 7 January

  France Gall, pop singer (French), 70.

  Tom Netherton, singer ("The Lawrence Welk Show"), cause not reported, 70.

Saturday, 6 January

  Horace Ashenfelter, track athlete (1952 Olympics), age 94.

 Marjorie Holt, U.S. Congresswoman (R-MD, 1973-87), 97

Friday, 5 January

  Jerry Van Dyke, actor (Asst. Coach Luther Van Dam on "Coach"), after a long illness, age 86. He was the younger brother of actor Dick Van Dyke.

  John Young, U.S. astronaut (Apollo 16), age 87.

Thomas Bopp, amateur astronomer (co-discovered comet Hale-Bopp), of liver failure, 68

Thursday, 4 January

  Brendan Byrne, governor of New Jersey (D, 1974-82), of a lung infection, age 93.

  Harry Landers, actor (Dr. Ted Hoffman on "Ben Casey"), age 96.

  Ray Thomas, rock musician (The Moody Blues), cause not reported, age 76.

Wednesday, 3 January

  Rob Picciolo, major leaguer (Oakland Athletics), of a heart attack, age 64.

  Jim Shaw, businessman (Shaw Communications), cause not reported, age 60.

Tuesday, 2 January

  Frank Buxton, TV writer/director ("The Odd Couple"), age 87.

  Emily Dole, aka Mountain Fiji, pro wrestler (GLOW), cause not reported, age 60.

  Rick Hall, music producer (FAME Studios), of prostate cancer, age 85.

  Jim Wiste, NHL hockey player (Chicago Black Hawks), cause not reported, age 71.

Thomas S. Monson, Mormon Church president (2008-18), of natural causes, 90.

Monday, 1 January 2018

  Robert Mann, violinist (Julliard String Quartet), age 97.

  Jon Paul Steur, actor (Quentin Kelly on "Grace Under Fire"), cause not reported, age 33.


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