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Celebrity Deaths

Updates posted every Monday.  From our friends at Dead or Alive Data Base.

Saturday, 9 November

  Dwight Ritchie, pro boxer (Australian), from a sparring session punch, 27.

Thursday, 7 November

  Robert Freeman, photographer (The Beatles' Rubber Soul album cover), 82.

  Dan McGrew, AFL football player (Buffalo Bills), 82.

  Frank Saul, NBA basketball player (Minneapolis Lakers), 95.

Wednesday, 6 November

  Mike Streicher, auto racer (Midget), cause not reported, 62.

Tuesday, 5 November

  Ernest J. Gaines, novelist (The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman), 86.

  Laurel Griggs, Broadway actress, of an asthma attack, 13.

  William Wintersole, actor (Mitchell Sherman on "The Young and the Restless"), of complications from cancer, 88.

Monday, 4 November

  Gay Byrne, TV talk show host (Irish), after a long illness, 85.

  Jim LeClair, NFL football player (Cincinnati Bengals), cause not reported, 69.

Sunday, 3 November

  Bob Norris, advertising model (The Marlboro Man), 90.

Saturday, 2 November

  Christopher Dennis, street performer (Hollywood Superman), cause not reported, 52.

  Dean Prentice, NFL hockey player (New York Rangers), 87.

Saturday, 26 October

  Robert Evans, film producer (Urban Cowboy), 89. He was the ex-husband of actresses Ali MacGraw, Phyllis George, and Catherine Oxenberg.

Sunday, 27 October

  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), by a suicide bomb during a raid by U.S. special forces, 48. (Last week's roundup had him included with the incorrect DOD.)

  John Conyers, U.S. Congressman (D-MI, 1965-2017), 90.

Monday, 28 October

  Al Bianchi, NBA basketball player (Syracuse Nationals), coach, and executive, of congestive heart failure, 87.

  Kay Hagan, U.S. senator (D-NC, 2009-15), of a tick-transmitted virus, 66.

Tuesday, 29 October

  Gerald Baliles, governor of Virginia (R, 1986-90), after a long illness, 79.

Wednesday, 30 October

  Ron Fairly, major leaguer (Montreal Expos) and baseball announcer (Seattle Mariners), 81.

  Jim Gregory, NHL hockey executive, 83.

  William J. Hughes, U.S. Congressman (D-NJ, 1975-95), 87.

  J. Bob Traxler, U.S. Congressman (D-MI, 1974-93), 88.

Friday, 1 November

  Rudy Boesch, reality TV contestant ("Survivor"), 91.

Saturday, 2 November

  Brian Tarantina, actor (Jackie on "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"), apparently of a drug overdose or from a recent illness, 60.

Saturday, 26 October

  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), by a suicide bomb during a raid by U.S. special forces, 48.

  Paul Barrere, rock singer and guitarist (Little Feat), of liver cancer, 71.

  Chuck Meriwether, major-league baseball umpire, of cancer, 63.

Friday, 25 October

  Joe Sun, country singer ("Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You"), cause not reported, 76.

  Bernadette Withers, actress (Ginger Farrell on "Bachelor Father"), after a brief illness, 73.

Wednesday, 23 October

  Bernie Parrish, NFL football player (Cleveland Browns), 83.

Tuesday, 22 October

  Al Burton, TV producer ("The Jeffersons"), 91.

Monday, 21 October

  Willie Brown, NFL football player (Oakland Raiders), cause not reported, 78.

  Josip Elic, actor (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), of complications from a fall at home, 98.

  Jerry Fogel, actor (Jerry Buell on "The Mothers-in-Law"), 83.

Sunday, 20 October

  Eric Cooper, major-league baseball umpire (1999-2019), of a blood clot following knee surgery, 52.

Wenesday, 16 October

  John Clarke, actor (Mickey Horton on "Days of Our Lives"), of complications from pneumonia, 88.

Friday, 18 October

  Bill Milliken, governor of Michigan (R, 1969-83), in a coma, 97.

  Mike Reilly, NFL football player (Chicago Bears), cause not reported, 77.

Thursday, 17 October

  Elijah Cummings, U.S. Congressman (D-MD, 1983-66), of an illness, 68.

  Bob Kingsley, radio host ("American Country Countdown"), of bladder cancer, 80.

  Bill Macy, actor (Howard Findlay on "Maude"), 97.

  Ray Santos, Latin saxophonist, 90.

Wednesday, 16 October

  Leah Bracknell, actress (British), of lung cancer, 55. Her death in September was announced on 16 October.

  Patrick Day, pro boxer, of a brain injury sustained in a match, 27.

Monday, 14 October

  Harold Bloom, literary critic (The Western Canon), 89.

  Louis Frey Jr., U.S. Congressman (R-FL, 1969-79), 85.

  Danny Grant, NHL hockey player (Minnesota North Stars), of cancer, 73

Sunday, 13 October

  Scotty Bowers, Hollywood pimp and author (Hollywood Babylon), 96.

  Bobby Del Greco, major leaguer (Kansas City Athletics), 86.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

  Stephen Moore, actor (British), 81.

  Jackie Hernandez, major leaguer (Pittsburgh Pirates), cause not reported, 79.

Friday, 11 October 2019

  Robert Forster, actor (Sheriff Frank Truman on "Twin Peaks"), of brain cancer, 78.

  Alexei Leonov, Soviet cosmonaut (first person to walk in space), 85.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

  Serafim Fernandes do Arajuo, Roman Catholic cardinal (Brazil), of complications from pneumonia, 95.

  Chip Healy, NFL football player (St. Louis Cardinals), cause not reported, 72.

  Sammy Taylor, major leaguer (Chicago Cubs), 86.

Monday, 7 October 2019

  Ed Kalafat, NBA basketball player (Minneapolis Lakers), 86.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

  Ginger Baker, rock drummer (Cream), 80.

  Larry Junstrom, rock bassist (.38 Special), cause not reported, 70.

  Karen Pendelton, actress ("The Mickey Mouse Club"), of a heart attack, 73.

  Rip Taylor, comedian, 88.

Monday, 7 October

Karen Pendleton, Mouseketeer, died yesterday of a heart attack, age 73.

Saturday, 5 October

  Andy Etchebarren, major leaguer (Baltimore Orioles), cause not reported, 76

Friday, 4 October

  Diahann Carroll, actress (Julia Baker on "Julia"), of cancer, 84.

  Bob Tufts, major leaguer (Kansas City Royals), of complications from surgery, 63.

Wednesday, 2 October

  Bill Bidwill, NFL football executive (Arizona Cardinals), 88.

  Kim Shattuck, punk rock singer (The Muffs), of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, 56.

Tuesday, 1 October

  Ed Simonini, NFL football player (Baltimore Colts), of cancer, 65.

Monday, 30 September

  Jessye Norman, opera singer, of complications from a spinal cord injury, 74.

Sunday, 29 September

  Michael Busbee, songwriter ("H.O.L.Y." by Florida Georgia Line), cause not reported, 43. His death was announced on 29 September with no DOD given.

Saturday, 28 September

  Jose Ortiz, aka José José, singer (Mexican), of pancreatic cancer, 71.

Friday, 27 September

  Jack Edwards, U.S. Congressman (R-AL, 1965-85), of pancreatic cancer, 91.

  Rob Garrison, actor (The Karate Kid), cause not reported, 59.

  Linda Porter, actress (Myrtle on "Superstore"), after an illness, 86.

Thursday, 26 September

  Jacques Chirac, President of France (1995-2007), 86.

  William Levada, Roman Catholic cardinal (San Francisco, California), 83.

  Nick Polano, NHL hockey head coach (Detroit Red Wings), cause not reported, 78.

Wednesday, 25 September

  Katy Collins, mixed martial arts fighter, of a brain aneurysm, 32.

Tuesday, 24 September

  Jimmy Nelson, ventriloquist (Nestle's Quick commercials), of complications from a stroke, 90.

Monday, 23 September

  Robert Hunter, rock lyricist (The Grateful Dead), following a recent surgery, 78.

  Andre Emmett, NBA basketball player (Memphis Grizzlies), shot (homicide), 37.

Sunday, 22 September

  Wally Chambers, NFL football player (Chicago Bears), cause not reported, 68.

  J. Michael Mendel, TV producer ("The Simpsons"), of natural causes, 54.

  Tom Polanic, NHL hockey player (Minnesota North Stars), cause not reported, 76.

Saturday, 21 September

  Tommy Brooker, AFL football player (Dallas Texans), cause not reported, 79.

  Jack Donner, actor (Alfred on "General Hospital"), 90.

Saturday, 21 September

  Wayne Brown, NHL hockey player (Boston Bruins), 88.

  Aron Eisenberg, actor (Nog on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"), cause not reported, 50.

  E. J. Holub, AFL football player (Dallas Texans), 81.

Friday, 20 September

  Howard "Hopalong" Cassady, NFL football player (Detroit Lions), 85.

Thursday, 19 September

  Barron Hilton, hotelier (Hilton Hotels) and football executive (Los Angeles Chargers), 91. He was the son of hotelier Conrad Hilton and grandfather of models Paris and Nicky Hilton.

Wednesday, 18 September

  Graeme Gibson, novelist (Canadian), 85

Tuesday, 17 September

  Jessica Jaymes, porn actress, cause not reported, 40. She was found dead in her home on 17 September. Her DOD has not been determined.

  Cokie Roberts, TV news anchor (ABC News), of complications from breast cancer, 75.

  Suzanne Whang, TV host ("House Hunters" on HGTV), of breast cancer, 56.

Monday, 16 September

  Sander Vanocur, TV news correspondent (NBC News), 91.

Sunday, 15 September

  Phyllis Newman, stage actress, of complications from a lung disorder, 86.

  Ric Ocasek, rock singer (The Cars), of cardiovascular disease, 75. He was the husband of model Paulina Porizkova.

  Mike Stefanik, auto racer (NASCAR modified), in a private plane crash, 61.


Saturday, 14 September

  Larry Garron, NFL football player (Boston Patriots), 82. His death was announced on 14 September, with no DOD given.

Friday, 13 September

  Alex Grammas, major leaguer (St. Louis Cardinals), 93.

  Eddie Money, rock singer ("Two Tickets to Paradise"), of cancer of the esophagus, 70.

  Russell Smith, country rock singer (Amazing Rhythm Aces), of cancer, 70.

Wednesday, 11 September

  Daniel Johnston, avant-garde musician, apparently of a heart attack, 58.

  T. Boone Pickens, oil and gas executive, of natural causes, 91.

  Terrell Roberts, NFL football player (Cincinnati Bengals), shot (homicide), 38.

Tuesday, 10 September

  Sam Davis, NFL football player (Pittsburgh Pirates), of a heart attack, 75.

  Jeff Fenholt, Christian heavy metal singer, cause not reported, 68.

Monday, 9 September

  Fred Mcleod, play by play announcer (Cleveland Cavs), 67.

  Jim Archer, major leaguer (Kansas City Athletics), 87.

  Neiron Ball, NFL football player (Oakland Raiders), of an aneurysm rupture caused by a rare brain condition, 27.

  Robert Frank, photographer (The Americans), 94.

  Jim Greengrass, major leaguer (Cincinnati Reds), 91.

  Joe Keough, major leaguer (Kansas City Royals), cause not reported, 73.

  Jarrid Wilson, Christian pastor ("Anthem of Hope"), of suicide (no details reported), 30.

Sunday, 8 September

  Joe Kolter, U.S. Congressman (D-PA, 1983-93), 93.

  John Wesley, actor (Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot), of multiple myeloma, 72.

Saturday, 7 September

Charlie Silvera, major leaguer (New York Yankees), 94.

Saturday, 7 September

  Robert Axelrod, actor (Finster in "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"), cause not reported, 70.

  Al Carmichael, NFL football player (Denver Broncos), 90.

Friday, 6 September

  Chris Duncan, major leaguer (St. Louis Cardinals), of brain cancer, 38.

  Bill Harris, film critic ("At the Movies"), of cancer, 75.

  Jose Moreno, major leaguer (New York Mets), of an illness, 61.

  Robert Mugabe, dictator of Zimbabwe (1987-2017), 95.

Thursday, 5 September

  Jimmy Johnson, pop guitarist, of kidney failure, 76.

  Carol Lynley, actress (The Poseidon Adventure), of a heart attack, 77.

  Chris March, fashion designer ("Project Runway"), after a long illness, 56.

  Tom Phoebus, major leaguer (Baltimore Orioles), cause not reported, 77.

Wednesday, 4 September

  Roger Etchegaray, Roman Catholic cardinal (France), 96.

  Kylie Rae Harris, country singer, in an automobile accident, 30.

  Dan Warner, guitarist, of a heart attack, 49.

Tuesday, 3 September

  LaShawn Daniels, R&B songwriter ("Say My Name"), of injuries from an automobile accident, 41.

  Peter Lindbergh, fashion photographer (Cindy Crawford), cause not reported, 74.

Monday, 2 September

  Gordie Haworth, NHL hockey player (New York Rangers), 87.

Saturday, 31 August 
Jeff Blackshear, NFL football player (Baltimore Ravens), cause not reported, 50. 

Hal Naragon, major leaguer (Cleveland Indians), 90. 

Friday, 30 August

  Gordon Bressack, TV screenwriter ("Pinky and the Brain"), after a long illness, 68.

  Franco Columbu, bodybuilder and actor (The Terminator and many other Schwarzenegger films), drowned while swimming on the coast, 78.

  Valerie Harper, actress (Rhoda Morgenstern on "Mary Tyler Moore"), of cancer, 80.

Thursday, 29 August

  Lila Cockrell, mayor of San Antonio, Texas (1975-81, 1989-91), 97.

  Jim Langer, NFL football player (Miami Dolphins), cause not reported, 71.

  Jim Leavelle, Dallas, Texas policeman (escorted L. H. Oswald in a light-colored suit), 99

Wednesday, 28 August

  Donnie Green, NFL football player (Buffalo Bills), cause not reported, 71.

Tuesday, 27 August

  Donnie Fritts, country keyboard player and songwriter ("Breakfast in Bed"), of complications from heart surgery, 76.

  Jessi Combs, offroad auto racer and TV host ("Mythbusters"), in a racing crash, 39.

  Paul Meger, NHL hockey player (Montreal Canadiens), 90.

Monday, 26 August

  Tom Jordan, major leaguer (Chicago White Sox), of complications from a heart attack, 99. He was the oldest living major-league baseball player.

Sunday, 25 August

  Vince Naimoli, baseball executive (Tampa Bay Devil Rays), 81.

Thursday, 22 August

  Bobby Dillon, NFL football player (Green Bay Packers), 89.

Saturday, 24 August 2019

  Tex Clevenger, major leaguer (Washington Senators), with Alzheimer's disease, 87.

  Dick Woodard, NFL football player (New York Giants), 93.

Friday, 23 August 2019

  David Koch, businessman (Koch Industries) and political contributor, of prostate cancer, 79.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

  Tom Nissalke, NBA basketball coach (Houston Rockets), 87.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

  Larry Siegel, comic writer (MAD) and TV screenwriter ("The Carol Burnett Show"), of Parkinson's disease, 93.

Monday, 19 August 2019

  Barry Bennett, NFL football player (New York Jets), shot (homicide), 63.

  Al Jackson, major leaguer (New York Mets), after a long illness, 83.

  Jack Perkins, TV news correspondent and host ("Biography" on A&E), 85.

  Larry Taylor, blues bassist (Canned Heat), of cancer, 77.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

  Kathleen Blanco, Louisiana governor (D, 2004-08), of cancer, 76.

  Jack Whitaker, sportscaster ("The NFL Today" on CBS), 95.

Saturday, 10 August

  Jeffrey Epstein, sex trafficker, apparently of suicide by hanging, 66.

Friday, 9 August

  Paul Findley, U.S. Congressman (R-IL, 1961-83), 98.

Thursday, 8 August

  Dave Parks, NFL football player (San Francisco 49ers), cause not reported, 77.

Wednesday, 7 August 

  David Berman, rock singer-songwriter (Silver Jews), cause not reported, 52.

Monday, 5 August

  Toni Morrison, author (Beloved), 88.

Sunday, 4 August

  Ernie Bowman, major leaguer (San Francisco Giants), 84.

Sunday, 28 July 2019

  Richard Stone, U.S. Senator (D-FL, 1975-80), of complications from pneumonia, 90.

Monday, 29 July 2019

  Grant Thompson, video host ("The King of Random" on YouTube), in a paragliding accident, 38.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

  Nick Buoniconti, NFL football player (Miami Dolphins), cause not reported, 78.

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

  Harold Prince, Broadway producer and director (Phantom of the Opera), after a brief illness, 91.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

  Ian Gibbons, rock keyboardist (The Kinks), of bladder cancer, 67.

  Harley Race, pro wrestler, of lung cancer, 76.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

  Cliff Branch, NFL football player (Oakland Raiders), apparently of natural causes, 71.

  Mike Troy, swimmer (1960 Olympics), cause not reported, 78.


Saturday, 27 July

  Keith Lincoln, NFL football player (San Diego Chargers), 80.

Friday, 26 July

  Arnie Brown, NHL hockey player (Toronto Maple Leafs), cause not reported, 77.

  Russi Taylor, voice actress ( Minne Mouse, and Martin Prince on "The Simpsons"), cause not reported, 75.

Tuesday, 23 July

  Gabe Khouth, actor (Once Upon a Time), of cardiac arrest, 46

Monday, 22 July

  Chris Kraft, aerospace executive (NASA Johnson Space Center), 95.

  Art Neville, R&B musician (The Neville Brothers), after a long illness, 81. He was the brother of musician Aaron Neville.

Sunday, 21 July

  Paul Krassner, counterculture activist (The Yippies), 87.

  Jose Manuel Estepa Llaurens, Roman Catholic cardinal (Spain), 93.


Friday, 19 July

  Don Mossi, major leaguer (Cleveland Indians), 90.

  Cesar Pelli, architect, 92.

  Bert Rechichar, NFL football player (Baltimore Colts), 89.

  Rutger Hauer, actor (Blade Runner), after a brief illness,

Thursday, 18 July

  Ben Kinchlow, Christian minister and TV host ("The 700 Club"), 82.

  Robert Milli, actor (Adam Thorpe on "Guiding Light"), 86.

  Mitch Petrus, NFL football player (New York Giants), of heat stroke, 32.

Wednesday, 17 July

  Pumpsie Green, major leaguer (Boston Red Sox), 85.

Tuesday, 16 July

  Adam Bob, NFL football player (New York Jets), cause not reported, 51.

  Ernie Broglio, major leaguer (St. Louis Cardinals), of cancer, 83.

  Johnny Clegg, South African singer, of pancreatic cancer, 66.

  John Paul Stevens, U.S. Supreme Court Justice (1975-2010), of complications from a stroke, 99.

Monday, 15 July

  Karl Shiels, actor (Irish), apparently of natural causes, 47.

Sunday, 14 July

  Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker, pro boxer (lightweight), struck by a vehicle, 55.

Charles Levin,actor (Elliott Novak on "Alice"), apparently in an accident, 70. He was last seen on 28 June and was reported missing on 8 July. His body was discovered on 13 July and identified as his on 15 July.

Saturday, 6 July

  Cameron Boyce, actor (Grown Ups), of a seizure, 20.

  Martin Charnin, musical lyricist (Annie), of complications from a heart attack, 84.

Friday, 5 July

  Lewis Lloyd, NBA basketball player (Golden State Warriors), cause not reported, 60.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Arte Johnson died of heart failure, age 90.

Gary Kolb, major leaguer (St. Louis Cardinals), cause not reported, 79.

Jared Lorenzen, NFL football player (New York Giants), cause not reported, 38. 

Tuesday, 2, July, 2019

Lee Iacocca, automotive visionary, age 94

Monday, 1 July

Sid Ramin, composer (West Side Story), 100. 

Tyler Skaggs, major leaguer (Los Angeles Angels), apparently of natural causes, 27. 

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

  Beth Chapman, reality TV personality ("Dog the Bounty Hunter"), of throat cancer, 51.

  Max Wright, actor (Willie Tanner on "ALF"), after a long illness, 75.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

  Bryan Marshall, actor (The Spy Who Loved Me), 81.

Monday, 24 June 2019

  Billy Drago, actor (The Untouchables), of complications from a stroke, 73.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

  Dave Bartholomew, rock and roll songwriter ("Ain't That a Shame"), of heart failure, 100.

  Jack Rudolph, AFL football player (Boston Patriots), 81.

Saturday, 22 June

  Vince Costello, NFL football player (Cleveland Browns), 87.

Friday, 21 June

  Susan Bernard, actress (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!), of a heart attack, 71.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

  Judith Krantz, novelist (Scruples), 91.

Friday, 21 June 2019

  Bubba Green, NFL football player (Baltimore Colts), of cancer, 61.

  Jan Meyers, U.S. Congresswoman (R-KS, 1985-97), 90.

  Elliot Roberts, recording artist manager (Neil Young), cause not reported, 76.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

 Peter Allan Fields, TV screenwriter ("Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"), cause not reported, 84.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

  John Charles, NFL football player (Houston Oilers), cause not reported, 75.

Monday, 17 June 2019

  Mohamed Morsi, Egyptian president (2012-13), of a heart attack, 67.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

  Alan Brinkley, U.S. political historian (American History: A Survey), of complications from dementia, 70. He was the son of TV news anchor David Brinkley.

  Bernard Thomas, aka Bishop Bullwinkle, singer ("Hell 2 Da Naw Naw"), cause not reported, 70.

Saturday, 15 June

  Larry Foss, major leaguer (Pittsburgh Pirates), 83.

Sunday, 9 June

  Jim Pike, pop singer (The Lettermen), of complications from Parkinson's Disease, 82.


Monday, 17 June 2019

Gloria Vanderbilt, Fashion designer diedof stomach cancer, age 95.

Saturday, 15 June 2019

  Franco Zeffirelli, opera director (La Traviata), 96.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

  Pat Bowlen, football executive (Denver Broncos), cause not reported, 75.

  Sean McCann, actor (Tommy Boy), 83.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

  Sylvia Miles, actress (Midnight Cowboy), 94.

Monday, 10 June 2019

  Sherman Utsman, auto racer (NASCAR), 87.

  Peter Whitehead, filmmaker (Tonite Let's All Make Love in London), 82.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

  Richard Shaw, aka Bushwick Bill, rapper (Geto Boys), of pancreatic cancer, 52.

Saturday, 8 June

  Frank Lucchesi, major-league manager (Texas Rangers), 92.

Monday, 3 June

  David Bergland, U.S. presidential candidate (Libertarian, 1984), of prostate cancer, 83.

Saturday, 8 June

  Frank Lucchesi, major-league baseball manager (Texas Rangers), 92.

Thursday, 6 June

  Dr. John, r.n. John Rebennack, jazz musician ("Right Place, Wrong Time"), of a heart attack, 77.

Wednesday, 5 June

  Brian Doherty, rock guitarist (Big Wreck), of cancer, 51.

  Robert Earle, game show host ("College Bowl"), 93.

  Elio Sgreccia, Roman Catholic cardinal (Rome, Italy), 90.

Tuesday, 4 June

  Billy Gabor, NBA basketball player (Syracuse Nationals), 97.

Monday, 3 June

  Paul Darrow, actor (British), after a long illness, 78.

Sunday, 2 June

  Donald M. Fraser, U.S. Congressman (D-MN, 1963-79), 95.

  Jerry Krall, NFL football player (Detroit Lions), 92.

Saturday, 1 June

  Leah Chase, chef, 96.

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