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Celebrity Deaths

Updates posted every Monday.  From our friends at Dead or Alive Data Base.

Tuesday,  13 February

 Marty Allen, Comedian died yesterday of pneumonia, age 95.

Friday, 9 February

  Reg E. Cathey, actor ("Fantastic Four"), cause not reported, age 59.

  John Gavin, actor (“Psycho”), age 86.

  Craig MacGregor, rock bassist (Foghat), of lung cancer, age 68.

Thursday, 8 February

  Lovebug Starski, r.n. Kevin Smith, rapper ("Gangster Rock"), of a heart attack, age 57.

Wednesday, 7 February

  Mickey Jones, actor (Pete Bilker on "Home Improvement"), cause not reported, age 76.

  Jill Messick, film producer (Mean Girls), of suicide (no details reported), age 50.

  Pat Torpey, rock drummer (Mr. Big), of complications from Parkinson's disease, age 64.

Tuesday, 6 February

  John Perry Barlow, rock songwriter (The Grateful Dead), of natural causes, age 70.

  Joe Knollenberg, U.S. Congressman (R-MI, 1993-2009), with Alzheimer's disease, age 84. 

Monday, 5 February

  Jeremy Nunley, NFL football player (Houston Oilers), cause not reported, age 46.

Sunday, 4 February

  Don Choate, major leaguer (San Francisco Giants), of lung cancer, age 79.

  Edwin Jackson, NFL football player (Indianapolis Colts), in an automobile accident, age 26.

  John Mahoney, actor (Martin Crane on "Frasier"), of cancer, age 77.

  Laurin Pepper, major leaguer (Pittsburgh Pirates), age 88.

Saturday, 3 February

  Roy Dietzel, major leaguer (Washington Senators), age 87.

Friday, 2 February

  Dennis Edwards, pop/R&Bsinger (The Temptations), of an illness, age 74.

  Jon Huntsman Sr., chemicalmanufacturer (Huntsman Corporation), of prostate cancer, age 80.


Thursday, 1 February

  Cliff Bourland, track athlete(1948 Olympics), age 97.


Wednesday, 31 January

  Rasual Butler, NBA basketballplayer (Miami Heat), in a single-vehicle automobile accident, age 38.

  Oscar Gamble, major leaguer(New York Yankees), of cancer of the jaw, age 68.

  Ann Gillis, actress (“TheAdventures of Tom Sawyer”), age 90.

  Leah LaBelle, reality TVcontestant ("American Idol"), in a single-vehicle automobileaccident, age 31. She was the wife of NBA player Rasual Butler and was apassenger in his car.

  Bill O'Connor, fantasy artist(Dungeons & Dragons), cause not reported, age 47.


Tuesday, 30 January

  Mark Salling, actor (Noah"Puck" Puckerman on "Glee"), of suicide by hanging, age 35.

  Clyde Scott, NFL footballplayer (Philadelphia Eagles), age 93.

  Kevin Towers, baseballexecutive (San Diego Padres), of thyroid cancer, age 56.

  Louis Zorich, actor (BurtBuchman on "Mad About You"), age 93.


Monday, 29 January

  Rick McKay, documentaryfilmmaker (“Broadway: The Golden Age”), cause not reported, age 57.

  Eddie Shaw, blues saxophonist,of natural causes, age 80.


 Saturday, 27 January

  Ingvar Kamprad, furniture retailer (IKEA), of pneumonia, age 91.

  Mort Walker, cartoonist ("Beetle Bailey"), age 94.Jerry Butler, porn actor, cause not reported, age 58.

Jerry Sneva, auto racer (Indianapolis 500), cause not reported, age 68. He was the brother of auto racer Tom Sneva. 

Jerry Butler, porn actor, cause not reported, age 58.

Friday, 26 January

  Tommy Banks, jazz musician and Canadian political figure, of leukemia, age 81.

  Reese "Buzz" Clifford, novelty pop singer ("Baby Sittin' Boogie"), cause not reported, age 76.

Thursday, 25 January

  Daniel M. Buechlein, Roman Catholic archbishop (Indianapolis, Indiana), cause not reported, age 79.

  Floyd Miles, R&B singer, cause not reported, age 74.

  John Morris, film soundtrack composer ("Young Frankenstein"), age 91.

Wednesday, 24 January

  Marcos Carvajal, major leaguer (Colorado Rockies), of pneumonia, age 33.

  Jack Ketchum, r.n. Dallas Mayr, horror writer ("Off Season"), of cancer, 71.

  Julio Navarro, major leaguer (Los Angeles Angels), with Alzheimer's disease, age 82.

  Mark E. Smith, rock musician ("The Fall"), after a long illness, age 60.


Tuesday, 23 January

  Robert Dowdell, actor (Lt. Cmdr.. Chip Morton on "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"), age 85.

  Hugh Masekela, jazz trumpeter ("Grazing in the Grass"), of prostate cancer, age 78.

  Joel Taylor, reality TV personality ("Storm Chasers"), of a drug overdose, age 38.

  Lari White, country singer ("Now I Know"), of peritoneal cancer, age 52.

Monday, 22 January

  Jimmy Armfield, soccer player (England), of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, age 82.

  Ursula K. Le Guin, fantasy author ("A Wizard of Earthsea"), age 88.

Sunday, 21 January

  Connie Sawyer, actress ("Dumb and Dumber"), age 105.

Saturday, 20 January

  John Coleman, TV meteorologist ("Good Morning America"), age 83.

  Jim Rodford, rock bassist (The Kinks), of injuries from a fall, age 76.

  Bill Johnson, major leaguer (Chicago Cubs), cause not reported, age 57.

  Howard Lew Lewis, actor (British), with dementia, age 76.

Friday, 19 January

  Dorothy Malone, actress ("Written on the Wind"), after a long illness, age 92.

  Fredo Santana, rapper, cause not reported, age 27

Thursday, 18 January

  Julius Lester, writer ("To Be a Slave"), cause not reported, age 78.

  Peter Mayle, author ("A Year in Provence"), cause not reported, age 78.

  Chick Webster, NHL hockey player (New York Rangers), age 97.

Wednesday, 17 January

  Jessica Falkholt, actress (Australian), of injuries from an automobile accident, age 29.

Simon Shelton Barnes, actor (Tinky-Winky on "Teletubbies"), cause not reported, age 52.

Tuesday, 16 January

  Bill Bain, management consultant (Bain & Company), age 80.

  Bradford Dillman, actor (Darryl Calyton on "Falcon Crest"), of complications from pneumonia, age 87.

  Tyler Hilinski, college football player (Washington State University), of suicide by gunshot, age 21.

  Jo Jo White, NBA basketball player (Boston Celtics), of pneumonia, age 71.

Monday, 15 January

  Dolores O'Riordan, rock singer (The Cranberries), cause not reported, age 46.

  Peter Wyngarde, actor ("Department S"), age 90.

  Joe Frank, radio performer, age 79. Not to be confused with the 1970's pop musician of the same name.

  Edwin Hawkins, gospel singer ("Oh Happy Day"), of pancreatic cancer, age 74.

  Mike Shanahan, hockey executive (St. Louis Blues), cause not reported, age 78.

  John Spellman, governor of Washington (R, 1981-85), of pneumonia, age 91.

Sunday, 14 January

  Dan Gurney, auto racer and team owner, age 86.

  Cecil Hoekstra, NHL hockey player (Montreal Canadiens), age 82.

  Max Labovitch, NHL hockey player (New York Rangers), age 93.

  Marlene VerPlanck, jazz singer, age 84.

  Hugh Wilson, film director ("Police Academy"), of lung cancer and emphysema, age 74.

Saturday, 13 January

  Jean Porter, actress ("Bathing Beauty"), of natural causes, 95.

Friday, 12 January

  Bella Emberg, actress (British), 80.

  Keith Jackson, sportscaster (college football on ABC), 89.

  John Tunney, U.S. Senator (D, 1971-77), of prostate cancer, 83.

Thursday, 11 January

  Doug Barnard Jr., U.S. Congressman (D-GA, 1977-93), 95.

  Kevin Dahlgren, murderer (Harok family in Czech Republc), of suicide by hanging, 25.

  Edgar Ray Killen, murderer (Mississippi "Freedom Summer" murders), 92.

Wednesday, 10 January

  "Fast" Eddie Clarke, heavy metal guitarist (Motorhead), of pneumonia, 67.

  Tom Luken, U.S. Congressman (D-OH, 1974-75, 1977-91), 92.

  Doreen Tracey, actress ("The Mickey Mouse Club"), of pneumonia, 74.

Tuesday, 9 January

  Bob Bailey, major leaguer (Montreal Expos), cause not reported, 75.

Monday, 8 January

  Denise LaSalle, blues singer ("Trapped by a Thing Called Love"), cause not reported, 78.

  Donnelly Rhodes, actor (Dutch Leitner on "Soap"), of cancer, 80.

Sunday, 7 January

  France Gall, pop singer (French), 70.

  Tom Netherton, singer ("The Lawrence Welk Show"), cause not reported, 70.

Saturday, 6 January

  Horace Ashenfelter, track athlete (1952 Olympics), age 94.

 Marjorie Holt, U.S. Congresswoman (R-MD, 1973-87), 97

Friday, 5 January

  Jerry Van Dyke, actor (Asst. Coach Luther Van Dam on "Coach"), after a long illness, age 86. He was the younger brother of actor Dick Van Dyke.

  John Young, U.S. astronaut (Apollo 16), age 87.

Thomas Bopp, amateur astronomer (co-discovered comet Hale-Bopp), of liver failure, 68

Thursday, 4 January

  Brendan Byrne, governor of New Jersey (D, 1974-82), of a lung infection, age 93.

  Harry Landers, actor (Dr. Ted Hoffman on "Ben Casey"), age 96.

  Ray Thomas, rock musician (The Moody Blues), cause not reported, age 76.

Wednesday, 3 January

  Rob Picciolo, major leaguer (Oakland Athletics), of a heart attack, age 64.

  Jim Shaw, businessman (Shaw Communications), cause not reported, age 60.

Tuesday, 2 January

  Frank Buxton, TV writer/director ("The Odd Couple"), age 87.

  Emily Dole, aka Mountain Fiji, pro wrestler (GLOW), cause not reported, age 60.

  Rick Hall, music producer (FAME Studios), of prostate cancer, age 85.

  Jim Wiste, NHL hockey player (Chicago Black Hawks), cause not reported, age 71.

Thomas S. Monson, Mormon Church president (2008-18), of natural causes, 90.

Monday, 1 January 2018

  Robert Mann, violinist (Julliard String Quartet), age 97.

  Jon Paul Steur, actor (Quentin Kelly on "Grace Under Fire"), cause not reported, age 33.

Sunday, 31 December

  Doreen Keogh, actress (Concepta Riley on "Coronation Street"), age 91.

  Larry Winn, U.S. Congressman (R, 1967-85), age 98.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

  Sue Grafton, mystery writer (“’G’ is for Gumshoe”), of cancer, age 77.

  Al Luplow, major leaguer (Cleveland Indians), cause not reported, age 78.

  Rose Marie, actress ("The Dick Van Dyke Show") and game show panelist ("The Hollywood Squares"), age 94.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

  Amanda Davis, TV news anchor (Atlanta, Georgia), of a stroke, age 62.

  Curly Seckler, bluegrass musician (Foggy Mountain Boys), age 98.

  Jack Van Berg, racehorse trainer (Alysheba), after a long illness, age 81.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

  Johnny Bower, NHL hockey player (Toronto Maple Leafs), of pneumonia, age 93.

  Ed Diachuk, NHL hockey player (Detroit Red Wings), age 81.

Monday, 25 December 2017

  Ray Brown, NFL football player (Baltimore Colts), age 81.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

  Jerry Kindall, major leaguer (Chicago Cubs), of a stroke, age 82.

  Heather Menzies, actress (“The Sound of Music”), of brain cancer, age 68. She was the widow of actor Robert Urich.

  Dick Orkin, voice actor (Dick & Bert radio commercials), age 84.

Friday, 22 December

  Lou Adler, radio news anchor(New York City, New York), of Alzheimer's Disease, age 88. Not to be confusedwith the living music producer of the same name.

  Pervis Atkins, NFL footballplayer (Los Angeles Rams), age 82.

  Hal Bedsole, NFL footballplayer (Minnesota Vikings), cause not reported, age 76.


Thursday, 21 December

  Dick Enberg, sports announcer,age 82.

  Bruce McCandless, U.S.astronaut (Space Shuttle), age 80.


Wednesday, 20 December

  Charlie Hennigan, AFL footballplayer (Houston Oilers), age 82.

  Bernard Francis Law, RomanCatholic cardinal (Boston, Massachusetts), age 86.


Tuesday, 19 December

  Clifford Irving, author (thefake “Autobiography of Howard Hughes”), of pancreatic cancer, age 87.


Sunday, 17 December

  Doug Gallagher, major leaguer(Detroit Tigers), cause not reported, age 77.

  Bob Glidden, auto racer(NHRA), cause not reported, age 73.


Thursday, 14 December
  Yurizan Beltran, porn actress, apparently of a drug overdose, 31.

Wednesday, 13 December
  Warrel Dane, heavy metal singer (Sanctuary), of a heart attack, 56.
  Bill Hudson, AFL football player (San Diego Chargers), 82.
  Frank Lary, major leaguer (Detroit Tigers), 87.
  Tommy Nobis, NFL football player (Atlanta Falcons), after a long illness, 74.

Tuesday, 12 December
  Pat DiNizio, rock singer (The Smithereens), after a long illness, 62.
  Manny Jimenez, major leaguer (Kansas City Athletics), cause not reported, 79.
  Ed Lee, mayor of San Francisco, California (since 2011), of a heart attack, 65.
  Richard Dobson, country songwriter ("Piece of Wood and Steel"), cause not reported, age 75.  

Saturday, 16 December
  Keely Smith, jazz singer ("That Ol' Black Magic"), apparently of heart failure, 89.

Sunday, 10 December
  Charlie Green, internet personality ("The Angry Grandpa Show" on YouTube), of cirrhosis of the liver, 67.
  Zarley Zalapski, NHL hockey player (Pittsburgh Penguins), of a viral infection, 49.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

  Tracy Stallard, major leaguer (Boston Red Sox), age 80.

  Roland "Fatty" Taylor, NBA basketball player (Denver Nuggets), of cancer, age 71.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

  William H. Gass, novelist (“The Tunnel”), age 93.

  Johnny Hallyday, rock and roll singer (French), of lung cancer, age 74.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

  August Ames, porn actress, of suicide by hanging, age 23.

  Ron Meyer, NFL football player (Indianapolis Colts), of an aortic aneurysm, age 76.

Monday, 4 December 2017

  Christine Keeler, showgirl/model and scandal figure (John Profumo), of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, age 75.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

  John B. Anderson, U.S. presidential candidate (Independent, 1980), age 95.

Friday, 1 December

  Ernie Fazio, major leaguer(Houston Colt .45s), cause not reported, age 75.Thursday, 30 November
  Dick Gernert, major leaguer (Boston Red Sox), age 89.
  Jim Nabors, actor (Gomer Pyle on "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C."), age 87.

Monday, 27 November
 Bud Moore,  auto racing owner (NASCAR), age 92. Not to be confused with auto racer Bud Moore, who died on 1 August.
  Robert "Pops" Popwell, jazz bassist (The Young Rascals), cause not reported, age  66.

Saturday, 25 November
  Rance Howard, actor (Nebraska), age 89. He was the father of actor/director Ron Howard.
  Steve "Snapper" Jones, NBA basketball player (Portland Trail Blazers), cause not reported, age 75.
 Ken Gray, NFL football player (St. Louis Cardinals), age 81.
  Julio Oscar Mechoso, actor ("Little Miss Sunshine"), of a heart attack, age 62.
  Harry Pregerson, U.S. judge (9th Circuit Court of Appeals), age 94.

Friday, 24 November
  Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez, major leaguer (Philadelphia Phillies), in a traffic accident, age 34.
  John Thierry, NFL football player (Chicago Bears), of a heart attack, age 46.

Wednesday, 22 November
  Jon Hendricks, jazz singer (Lambert, Hendricks & Ross), age 96.
  Maurice Hinchey, U.S. Congressman (D-NY, 1993-2013), of dementia, age 79.
  Tommy Keene, pop singer, of natural causes, age 59.

Tuesday, 21 November
  Rodney Bewes, actor (British), cause not reported, age 79.
  David Cassidy, actor/singer (Keith Partridge on "The Partridge Family"), of liver failure, age 67.
  Wayne Cochran, soul singer ("Last Kiss"), of cancer, age 78.

Monday, 20 November
  Terry Glenn, NFL football player (New England Patriots), in a single-vehicle traffic accident, age 43.

Sunday, 19 November
  Charles Manson, murder cult leader, of natural causes, age 83.
  Warren "Pete" Moore, R&B singer (The Miracles), cause not reported, age 79.
  Della Reese, actress (Tess on "Touched By an Angel"), age 86.
  Mel Tillis, country singer and songwriter ("Coca-Cola Cowboy"), of natural causes, age 85.

Saturday, 18 November
  Bob Borkowski, major leaguer (Cincinnati Reds), age 91.
  Pancho Segura, pro tennis player, age 96.
  Ben Riley, (jazz drummer), Thelonious Monk, age  84.
  Malcolm Young, rock musician (AC/DC), with dementia, age 64.

Friday, 17 November
  J. C. Caroline, NFL football player (Chicago Bears), age 84.
  Earle Hyman, actor (Russell Huxtable on "The Cosby Show"), age 91.

Thursday, 16 November
  Steve Mostyn, lawyer and political donor (Texas), of suicide, age 46.
  Ferdie Pacheco, boxing doctor and commentator, age 89.
  Ann Wedgeworth, actress (Lana Shields on "Three's Company"), after a long illness, age 83. 

Wednesday, 15 November
  Keith Barron, actor (British), 83.
  Lil Peep, r.n. Gustav Ahr, rapper, of a drug overdose, age  21.

Tuesday, 14 November
  Nancy Zieman, seamstress and TV host ("Sewing with Nancy"), of cancer, age 64.

Monday, 13 November
  Bobby Doerr, major leaguer (Boston Red Sox), age 99.
  Janet Lupo, glamour model ("Playboy"), cause not reported, age 67.
  Jim Rivera, major leaguer (Chicago White Sox), age 96.

Sunday, 12 November
  Liz Smith, gossip columnist ("New York Daily News"), age 94.

Saturday, 11 November

  Nate Hobgood-Chittick, NFL football player (St. Louis Rams), cause not reported, age 42.

  Rance Pless, major leaguer (Kansas City Athletics), age 91.

Thursday, 9 November

  John Hillerman, actor (Jonathan Higgins on "Magnum, P.I."), after a long illness, age 84.

  Chuck Mosley, rock singer (Faith No More), cause not reported, age 57. His family's statement read that he died "after a long period of sobriety ... due to the disease of addiction."

Wednesday, 8 November

  Don Prince, major leaguer (Chicago Cubs), cause not reported, age 79.

Tuesday, 7 November

  Paul Buckmaster, rock music arranger ("The Man Who Fell to Earth"), cause not reported, age 71.

  Roy Halladay, major leaguer (Toronto Blue Jays), in a private plane crash, age 40.

  Brad Harris, actor (Deputy Duffy on "Falcon Crest"), age 84.

Monday, 6 November

  Karin Dor, actress ("You Only Live Twice"), of injuries from a fall, age 79.

  Joe Fortunato, NFL football player (Chicago Bears), age 7.

  Richard Gordon, U.S. astronaut (Apollo 12), of cancer, age 88.

  C. W. Smith, auto racer (NASCAR), cause not reported, age 70.

  Rick Stelmaszek, major leaguer (Washington Senators), of pancreatic cancer, age 69.

Sunday, 5 November

  Nancy Friday, sexuality author ("My Secret Garden"), of complications from Alzheimer's disease, age 84.

  Bob Girard, NHL hockey player (Washington Capitals), cause not reported, age 69.

  Robert Knight, pop singer ("Everlasting Love"), cause not reported, age 72.

Saturday, November 4

  Gene Verble, major leaguer (Washington Senators), age 89.

Friday, November 3

  Sid Catlett, NBA basketball player (Cincinnati Royals), cause not reported, age 69.

Thursday, 2 November

  Orval H. Hansen, U.S. Congressman (R-ID, 1969-75), of cancer, age 91.

Wednesday, 1 November

  Brad Bufanda, actor (Felix Toombs on "Veronica Mars"), of suicide by jumping from a building, age 34.

Monday, 30 October

  James D. Martin, U.S. Congressman (R-AL, 1965-67), age 99.

  Judy Martz, governor of Montana (R, 2001-05), of pancreatic cancer, age 74.

Sunday, 29 October

  Al Richter, major leaguer (Boston Red Sox), age 90.

  Keith Wilder, disco singer (Heatwave), cause not reported, age 65.

Friday, 27 October

  Juliette Cavazzi, singer and TV host (Canadian), age 91. 

Wednesday, 25 October

  Jack Bannon, actor (Art Donovan on "Lou Grant"), age 77. He was the husband of actress Ellen Travolta and brother-in-law of actor John Travolta.

  Ross Powell, major leaguer (Houston Astros), of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, age 49.


Tuesday, 24 October

  Fats Domino, rock and roll pioneer ("Blueberry Hill"), of natural causes, age 89.

  Robert Guillaume, actor (Benson DuBois on "Benson"), of prostate cancer, age 89.


Monday, 23 October

  Paul J. Weitz, U.S. astronaut (Skylab-2), of cancer, age 85.


Sunday, 22 October

  Scott Putesky, heavy metal guitarist (Marilyn Manson), of colon cancer, age 49.

  Chuck Weber, NFL football player (Chicago Cardinals), age 87.

  George Young, pop songwriter ("Love Is in the Air"), cause not reported, age 70.


Saturday, 21 October

  Chuck Churn, major leaguer (Los Angeles Dodgers), age 87.

Saturday, 14 October

  Daniel Webb, major leaguer (Chicago White Sox), in an all-terrain vehicle accident, age 28.  
  Richard Wilbur, poet ("Things of This World"), age 96.


Tuesday, 10 October

  Bob Schiller, TV screenwriter ("All in the Family"), age 98.


Monday, 9 October

  Roy Hawes, major leaguer (Washington Senators), age 91.

  Ben Hawkins, NFL football player (Philadelphia Eagles), cause not reported, age 73.

  Mike McQueen, major leaguer (Atlanta Braves), cause not reported, age 67.

  Bill Puterbaugh, auto racer (USAC), age 81.


Sunday, 8 October

  Mike Boland, NHL hockey player (Buffalo Sabres), after a long illness, age 62.

  Jerry Kleczka, U.S. Congressman (D-WI, 1984-2005), of natural causes, age 73.

  Don Lock, major leaguer (Washington Senators), age 81.

  Grady Tate, jazz drummer and singer, age 85.

  Y. A. Tittle, NFL football player (San Francisco 49ers), age 90.


Thursday, 5 October

  Trevor Martin, actor (British), age 87.


Saturday, 7 October 2017

  Jimmy Beaumont, doo-wop singer (The Skyliners), cause not reported, 76.

  Jim Landis, major leaguer (Chicago White Sox), 83.


Friday, 6 October 2017

  Terry Downes, pro boxer (middleweight), 81.

  Connie Hawkins, NBA basketball player (Phoenix Suns), cause not reported, 75.

  Ralphie May, stand-up comedian ("Last Comic Standing"), of cardiac arrest, 45.

  Walter "Bunny" Sigler, R&B musician, of a heart attack, 76.


Tuesday, 3 October 2017

  John Herrnstein, major leaguer (Philadelphia Phillies), cause not reported, 79.


Monday, 2 October 2017

  Solly Hemus, major leaguer (St. Louis Cardinals), 94.

  Paul Otellini, business executive (Intel), cause not reported, 66.

  Tom Petty, rock singer ("Free Fallin'"), of cardiac arrest, 66.


Sunday, 1 October 2017

  Arthur Janov, psychologist ("The Primal Scream"), 93.

  Samuel Irving Newhouse Jr., publisher (Conde Nast), 89.

  Dave Strader, hockey announcer (Dallas Stars), of bile duct cancer, 62.


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